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Three-row seating is so 2022. If you have or want three-row SUV nirvana, you really wish for four rows of seats, don’t you? So here’s a new one, the Force Citiline 10-seat SUV. But there are a couple of catches.

Where is the Citiline sold?

Force Citiline
Force Citiline 10-passenger SUV | Force

First, what Force calls the Citiline MUV, for a multi-utility vehicle, is only for the Indian market and isn’t sold in the U.S. And the second is the diesel engine. It’s the only engine available, and it packs a punch of only 90 hp. Sure, diesel engines are generally torquey, which you’ll need to haul 10 people inside, but 90 hp is anemic. 

That said, the turbodiesel engine is made by Mercedes and is a 2.6-liter four-cylinder with 185 ft-lb of torque. Driving the rear wheels is a five-speed manual transmission. It features a ladder frame with a double-wishbone front suspension sprung by torsion bars and leaf springs in the rear. There are also disc brakes at all four corners. 

Is the Force Citiline all new?

Force Gurkha
Force Gurkha Jeep-like SUV | Force

Interestingly, the Citiline SUV is based on the Force Gurkha, a Jeep-like four-wheel-drive off-road two-door. If you’re in need of off-road capabilities for your Citiline, you might be able to opt for the Gurkha’s tougher suspension. However, whether you do or don’t, the Gurkha became available in 2008, so the bones of the Citiline are somewhat ancient. 

Force Citiline
Force Citiline 10-passenger SUV | Force

The body features Mercedes G-Wagen cues and is 201.6 inches long. Its wheelbase is 120.1 inches. The fascia looks like it could be a 1980s G-Wagen, just add the Mercedes star logo in the grille. In fact, it overall has a hard-edge, squared-up 1980s vibe. 

We should note that the Citiline is the highest trim level for this SUV, featuring a distinct grille and body-color bumpers. Lesser versions are the Trax Toofan and Trax Cruiser. The Cruiser has side-facing jump seats in the rear row, allowing it to carry 13 passengers overall, according to Rushlane Auto News

How much is a Citiline?

Inside the Citiline, all of the 10 seats face forward. And the two-tone gray fabric is the only color choice. Of course, a convenient center console, air conditioning, and electric windows are part of the package. And ABS and EBD are also two safety features for drivers. 

Overall, a Force Centerline would be a great replacement for those noisy airport shuttle vans that rattle and creak like they’re ready to fall apart. But the lack of power probably doesn’t lend itself to driving in the U.S. 
The base price for your own Citiline SUV is ₹15.10 Lakh, or $18,500. That’s actually not a bad price when you consider a Ford Expedition starting off at $57,500. The difference is that the Citiline is a pretty stripped-down SUV, while even a base Expedition will offer far more amenities.


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