Which Vehicles Can Carry 10 Passengers Without Breaking the Bank?

More people are buying larger vehicles like SUVs and vans nowadays. Ones that will hold at least 10-passengers, if not more. While there aren’t many options out there, they are still a good handful of cargo, and passenger vans are up to the task. Some of them are even being used for the van life. They designed others to hold even more, like 15 people. 

The problem is the hefty price tags for these vans. CarFax.com shows us that not all new passenger vans are bank breakers. Some are affordable, especially if you find ones that are a few years old. Here’s are five full-size passenger vans available today, and what they bring to the table. 

The most expensive full-size vans on the market

There are two passenger vans on the market today that have the highest price tags. One of them is the Ford Transit, which can seat up to 15 passengers if needed. For such a large van, the Transit has smooth handling and quiet ride, more so than its competitors. 

If you buy a 2020 model, you can expect to pay around $36,500 to start. But Ford has changed little with the Transit in the last five years, so if you can find one in decent shape, with good mileage, you could save around $17,000. It’s important to note that the 2020 version comes with an AWD option that other years don’t have. 

The other expensive passenger van is the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. You’ll find a price tag of anywhere from $34,000 to $60,000, depending on your choice. You could get a decent amount of safety features and ample space in the interior for the price. It also comes with an all-wheel- drivetrain and has pretty good fuel economy ratings for a large vehicle. 

However, for the price, there a couple of things you won’t see with this van. One of them is towing capacity. It’s only good for lightweight towing and not heavy things like fifth-wheel campers. For the base trim, don’t expect too much in safety and driver’s assistance features. There is plenty to be had, just not for the base trim. Upgrade to a higher one to get them. 

The best 10-passenger vans for towing

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Out of the five listed on CarFax.com, there are two that are good haulers. The first one is the Chevrolet Express, which seats up to 15 passengers and can haul approximately 6,300 lbs. For those wanting to tow a camper behind, the Express will do the job efficiently. 

This full-size van is one of the most inexpensive on the market. For a 2020 model, the price tag is an affordable $26,000. But the Express has changed very little in about 17 years. If you want more affordability, going used will be well worth it because you won’t be missing too much in features. You could reasonably get one for about $10,390.

The second passenger van that’s a decent hauler is the GMC Savanna. This full-size vehicle is much like the Chevrolet Express, as it has had very few changes over the years. It’s pretty simplistic in the features it offers but will haul up to 15 passengers with the long-wheelbase version. 

Towing capacity is rated to haul up to 9,900 lbs of cargo. That’s more than enough for a heavyweight trailer or camper. The price for the new 2020 base model is only $31,000. But, if you go with the used route, you could get a reasonably priced one at $17,000. 

An inexpensive option for a full-size passenger van


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The last one for this list of 10-passenger vehicles is the Nissan NV Passenger van. It comes with multiple seating arrangements, simple controls, and a halfway decent hauler if you need to pull some lightweight cargo. 

The price is pretty good with the base bringing in almost $30,000 for the 2020 model, and $14,000 for a good used one. Since it shares many of the same styling features as a 2012 model, going used isn’t too bad of an idea. 

The biggest drawback with the Nissan NV, as with other large passenger vans, is fuel economy. You’ll find that it’s only rated to get about 26 highway miles per gallon, as reported on fueleconomy.gov. 

Choosing a large passenger van will boil down to what features will match your situation. If you need heavy-duty haulers, the Express and the Savanna can do the job. If you want more features, go with one of the more expensive vans, like the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or Ford Transit vehicle. Buying new is great, but in most cases, finding a good used one will save you tons more money in the long run.