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Professional rally driver Ken Block is known for his stunts, his race wins, and of course his wild videos. But now he’s tweeted something new: a short clip of him (presumably) simply doing donuts in the dirt in a Ram truck. It looks like a Ram TRX. It sounds like a Ram TRX. He says it’s a Ram TRX. We will find on June 7 when Ram unveils what the truck is and what the differences are for 2023.

This is Ram’s first social media vehicle launch with Block

On Instagram, Block’s posted on his official page two pics and says: “Ram gave me a new & unreleased edition of their supercharged V8 #RamTRX to play with. I tested it and put it through some serious desert escapades! See that tomorrow at 9am PT as @ramtrucks launches this new edition. #RamPartner

Unfortunately, we can’t see much on the Insta or Twitter pics. But in the video, we can see the that the 2023 TRX keeps the dramatic off-road style that we’ve come to associate the truck with. It still has the two giant hood vents. It has a panoramic sunroof. It has bulging fender flares. It has a different hood scoop. Unfortunately the pics on Instagram and the video on Twitter are both in black-and-white and we can’t see many details thanks to strategically-placed dirt.

What is Ken Block driving now?

Block officially races rally cars for Audi. But, he’s also prepping for the 2022 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb race on Sunday June 26. He’s going to be racing the wildly-customized Hoonipgasus, which started life as a Prosche 911 but is now a 1,400-horsepower pink monster. It’s easy to go down the Ken Block rabbit hole, though. He’s creating a new Audi Electrikana series of EV stunt cars, and a Hoonitron gymkhana prototype. But, he’s also known for making wild versions of old vehicles like the Hoonitruck, which was a 1977 Ford F-150, and the 1960s-era Ford Mustang Hoonicorn.

Will there be a 2023 Ram TRX?

We were sure that Ram would launch a 2023 TRX. But, we don’t know much about it. Whether it will still come with the 702-horsewpower V8 is anybody’s guess. It’s not a certainty as Ram’s corporate partners at Jeep are pushing the new inline-six cylinder Hurricane engines. The Hurricane may be down two cylinders, but it’s not on power. The boosted versions of the Hurricane now have more than 500 horsepower. However, from the video Block posted, the truck sounds like it has a the supercharged V8, not a turbocharged I6.

How many years will Ram make the TRX?

This 2022 Ram 1500 TRX Ignition Edition costs over $100,000.
2022 Ram 1500 TRX Ignition Edition | Ram

We’re not sure how long the TRX will have until it goes extinct. Ram has not made any pronouncements about the 1500-series trucks, and it appears they will soldier on. However, Ram is pushing for a new electric truck to take on the Ford F-150 Lightning and the electric GMC Sierra. Also, Ram’s parent company Stellantis is looking to make its entire fleet more fuel efficient, which the TRX certainly isn’t. The TRX only gets 10 mpg in the city, which likely makes it the last of a generation of gas-powered super trucks.


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