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Ken Block jumping his Ford Fiesta

Ford and Ken Block – Gymkhana Legend – Part Ways

Ken Block has been doing the kind of driving that makes people’s jaws drop. Drifting, rally racing, X-games racing and jumping, precision Gymkhana hooning, and one-off vehicle creation – he has done it all. He has also excelled at all of it. For over 10 years, he has done it with support from Ford Motor …
A red MST Mk2 Ford Escort Ultimate Rally Car drifts around a racetrack

MST’s Brand-New Mk2 Ford Escort Lets You Play Ken Block

People trying to break into rallying often pick modern machines; rear-wheel and all-wheel-drive Subarus are common picks. But when it comes to slick slides, classic cars can be just as good and just as fun. Ken Block has driven that point home with his modified vintage Mustang and tweaked Escort Cosworth. And now, there’s another …
Travis Pastrana jumps a Subaru WRX STI over a powerboat in Gymkhana 11

Ken Block’s Gymkhana Is in Good Hands With Travis Pastrana

Even if you’re not in the drifting scene, you’ve probably heard of Ken Block. Over the years he and the Hoonigan team have earned a name for themselves with their Gymkhana videos. So much so, that there’s even an Amazon Prime show dedicated to one video’s production. And now, there’s a new one out—only Block’s …