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When it comes to Ferrari crashes, generally, people are in one of two categories. One is those that are sad to see a nice car get totaled. The other is those that love to see the wealthy eat a slice of humble pie and remind themselves that buying a nice car doesn’t also buy you driving skills. Perhaps you’re in a little of both categories. Either way, here’s a crash of one of the most expensive Ferraris you can currently buy; the Ferrari SF90.

Most powerful Ferrari ever made proved to be too powerful for this driver

Red Ferrari SF90 Stradale parked near brick wall, similar to the one crashed in U.K.
Ferrari SF90 Stradale | Martyn Lucy/Getty Images

According to Fox News, the driver of this $625,000 Ferrari SF90 Stradale lost control while behind the wheel in the U.K.

A security clip shows the Ferrari slamming into a parked car. The force of the hit caused the white car to slide forward and damage two other vehicles. Including the Ferrari leaves this driver with a total score of four damaged vehicles in one crash! While that’s not exactly worth celebrating, it’s certainly impressive.

When fire and rescue first responders made their way to the scene of the accident, the driver was nowhere to be found. The article states that the driver had to make his way out of the window due to the severity of the damage to the Ferrari. However, after making his way out of the car, the driver opted to flee the scene. At this point, there’s no information as to why the driver may have done so, nor any information as to whether the driver was intoxicated or not.

While police initially did not have any info on the driver and were seeking him out, they discovered his identity a bit later. The police didn’t reveal the driver’s name. However, they did state that they are in contact with his attorney because of this accident.

Is the Ferrari SF90 a hypercar or supercar?

Fixating on semantics over terminology can be a bit annoying. Clearly, the designation between hypercar and supercar does not detract from the ability of inexperienced drivers to wreck a car.

However, the SF90 definitely qualifies as a hypercar. Its hybrid-assisted drivetrain combined with its twin-turbocharged V8 engine makes for a combined power output of 986 horsepower. That’s more power than Ferrari’s holy-trinity member, the LaFerrari.

Additionally, the SF90 can sprint from zero to 60 miles per hour faster than the iconic LaFerrari, too. There’s no doubt that the LaFerrari qualifies as a hypercar. So, basic deductive reasoning would lead you to believe the SF90 does, as well.

Like the LaFerrari, too, the SF90 Stradale is a limited-production car. Only 500 of them will leave the legendary Maranello factory. Now, we can safely assume that there’ll be no more than 499 of them. It’s also safe to assume that this driver just made the blacklist for buying limited edition Ferraris in the future.

He’ll be in good company, at least. Keep scrolling to see all the celebrities who are allegedly cannot purchase Ferraris.


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