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Ferrari isn’t exactly a brand you’d expect to bring a reasonable price at any auction. Though some older and relatively affordable models are kicking around, Ferrari’s legendary supercars are typically only for the wealthy. So, it’s unsurprising to see them fetching massive selling prices. However, this one takes it to a whole new extreme.

This LaFerrari Aperta just beat the old record by over $2 million

Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta driving through city scape
The LaFerrari Aperta | Ferrari, Youtube

On May 9th, 2022, this LaFerrari Aperta sold on Bring A Trailer with a final hammer price of $5,360,000. That’s about 10 pretty solid houses, depending on where you live!

The Aperta shattered the previous Bring A Trailer record by a substantial amount, too. The previous record-holder was, incidentally, another Ferrari LaFerrari. It brought a final hammer price of $3,125,000 back in 2018. So, the Aperta eclipsed the previous record by over $2.2 million.

Fortunately for the buyer of this LaFerrari Aperta, Bring A Trailer caps the buyer’s premium fee at $5,000. So, the grand total for this legendary car is $5,365,000. Believe it or not, that’s a pretty good deal.

According to Ferrari of Lake Forest, the LaFerrari Aperta is the most valuable 21st-century car ever sold at auction. Its website states that a LaFerrari Aperta with 174 miles (that’s 13 more miles than the Bring A Trailer example) sold for $7 million. Additionally, it states that the 210th LaFerrari Aperta, which was the final one, sold for $10 million.

So, while this sale undoubtedly set the record for the highest Bring A Trailer sale, it did not break the record for the most expensive LaFerrari Aperta. Considering the price, that’s a pretty remarkable thought.

According to Autoweek, Bring A Trailer claims that this sale makes this Aperta the most expensive car ever sold on the internet.

So, what makes the LaFerrari Aperta so valuable?

LaFerrari Aperta: perhaps the most exclusive Ferrari in history

If you’re familiar with the LaFerrari in the first place, you’ll know that it was not an easy car to get hands on. It took far more than the original $1.5 million price tag to get a standard LaFerrari. You had to be in Ferrari’s good graces playbook. To own a LaFerrari, you had to have owned other special edition Ferraris like the F40, F50, Enzo, and the 288 GTO. Many people are familiar with the politics involved with purchasing a Ferrari. In fact, the process is so tedious that not even Jay Leno will partake.

However, the LaFerrari Aperta is even more special. Aperta is the Italian word for “open,” and it’s in reference to the Aperta model’s removable roof. Ferrari of Lake Forest states that the original price of these models is not truly known, as Ferrari specifically picked customers to purchase them. Only the cream of the crop in Ferrari’s eyes got the chance to purchase one. So, considering the brand loyalty, seeing one come up for sale is an extremely rare opportunity.

Overall, it’s truly unfortunate that Ferrari is so nitpicky and petty about what you can and cannot do with a car that you purchased outright.

The LaFerrari is a majestic staple of automotive engineering. With a massive electric-assisted power output of 950 horsepower and iconic styling, it’s a shame that such a legendary car has to be accompanied by elite snobbery.

Fortunately, the secondhand market is here to create a level playing field for those who don’t want to play Ferrari’s games. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how Bring A Trailer records get broken!


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