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This 2016 LaFerrari is up for sale next month and could bring in quite a bit at auction through RM Sotheby’s. What makes this Ferrari LaFerrari supercar worth $3.4 million? Ferrari didn’t produce this vehicle for very long, and all of the LaFerrari supercars sold before the first one left the production line.

What makes this 2016 Ferrari LaFerrari unique?

Ultra-Rare 2016 Ferrari LaFerrari
Ultra-Rare 2016 Ferrari LaFerrari Could Fetch up to $3.4 Million | Courtesy of RM Sotheby’s

One of only 499 Ferrari LaFerrari examples built, you won’t see many of these on the road. Everything, down to the color, is pretty unique. The buyer ordered the LaFerrari in a one-of-a-kind Vinaccia paint over Pelle Chiodi Di Garofano interior, the RM Sotheby’s listing notes. On top of that, renowned Ferrari dealer Niki Hasler delivered this supercar upon completion.

One of the most essential features of this 2016 Ferrari LaFerrari is that it only has 918 miles. Two owners have maintained the supercar since delivery in 2016. It comes with the complete service history, luggage, and matching toolkit. The LaFerrari on its own is relatively unique as Ferrari set out to create an even more limited-edition supercar.

The LaFerrari has a rear-mounted 6.3L V12 engine that was a direct copy of the developmental FXX model. The V12 offers 789 hp with 516 ft-lb of torque. But it doesn’t end there. “An electric motor derived from the company’s F1 car KERS technology was installed in the rear, adding 161 hp, most of which is tapped for use at lower rpms. Power is routed directly to the rear axle alone, and shifting is accommodated by a seven-speed dual-clutch transaxle.” Combined, this offers the LaFerrari 949 hp and 663 ft-lb of torque.

RM Sotheby’s has the 2016 Ferrari LaFerrari hitting the auction block in November

With a zero to 60 time of 2.4 seconds, the 2016 Ferrari LaFerrari offers a quarter-mile time of 9.7 seconds at 149.2 mph. RM Sotheby’s says this beats the Porsche 918 and the Bugatti Veyron. Road & Track writer Larry Webster noted that driving the LaFerrari was closer to driving a Le Mans Prototype (LMP) vehicle over a “458 Speciale.” It was the brand’s most powerful car until the SF90 Stradale came out in 2019.

Ferrari produces the carbon fiber shell of the LaFerrari right alongside the Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 cars. The seating position of the supercar comes in 2.4 inches lower than the Enzo, which is saying a lot. Each seat is custom-fitted to the purchaser.

RM Sotheby’s expects this particular LaFerrari to bring in between $3 million and $3.4 million based on other sales on the market. That is double what the original buyer paid back in 2016. If all goes well, it could bring in even more than that.

Keep an eye on this sale as it could be one for the history books

2016 Ferrari LaFerrari | Courtesy of RM Sotheby's
2016 Ferrari LaFerrari | Courtesy of RM Sotheby’s

Production of the Ferrari LaFerrari ceased in January 2019, with under 500 examples created. The pricing provided by Ferrari at the time put each example at $1.3 million, but that didn’t dissuade buyers. Buyers purchased all 499 examples before the first version rolled off the production line. Since then, RM Sotheby’s has sold a few varieties of the supercar. Ferrari only made two in this color scheme, though.

Most recently, RM Sotheby’s sold a 2015 Ferrari LaFerrari for $3.25 million in August 2021. This was a fine example with only 787 miles and finished in the highly desirable Rosso Corsa color. A 2017 Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta sold through RM Sotheby’s back in March 2020 for $4.5 million. It was one of only 210 Aperta models built and had just 175 miles on it. With these comparable sales in recent years, this 2016 Ferrari LaFerrari should bring in quite a bit.

In conclusion, it will be interesting to watch what this 2016 LaFerrari sells for. The collector’s market has been on fire lately, and this supercar might be the next history-making example.


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