You Can Buy This Ferrari But You Can’t Drive It (On The Street)

When you’re spending 2.6 million dollars on a car, you’d expect to be able to keep it in your garage, drive it to a nice dinner or take it to a philanthropy event, but that isn’t the case with the Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K Evo. If you can fork over the cash to buy one of these beautiful cars, you’re stuck to track-only driving, and the car will be delivered to you at the track when you do want to drive it. You don’t even get the opportunity to store it in your garage.

What is the Ferrari FFX Evo?

The Ferrari FFX Evo is unlike anything else in the Ferrari lineup. It’s a hybrid powerhouse designed for the most intense performance possible, and can only be driven on the track. Under the hood – or rather, the trunk, because it’s mid-engine – is a naturally aspirated (no turbochargers and no supercharger) 6.3L V12 engine that pairs with a 140kW electric motor to produce an impressive 1,036hp.

It is incredibly aerodynamic, with the unique styling serving to make it look aggressive and artistic while also reducing drag and increasing downforce on the car as it hurtles up to 217mph down the track.

The Ferrari FXX K | Heading to the starting line

While owners “own” the FXX-K, Ferrari actually holds on to the cars. When the owner wishes to drive their car for special track days, a team from Ferrari delivers the car to the track. The team then stays at the track all day, does any required repairs on the car while it is at the track, and then takes it back to their holding facility. That means owners never actually get to take their mult-million-dollar ride home with them.

So, why does anyone buy them then?

You can purchase a Ferrari LaFerrari FFX-K for around 2.6 million dollars if you can find one for sale and are approved to own one by Ferrari itself. The Italian car manufacturer started production in 2015 and in its two-year production run only 40 cars were ever made.

The rare, low production car will hold their value for many years to come and will likely become high-dollar collector pieces in the future. Designed as a track-only car, Ferrari works hard to engage owners and ensure their track days are luxurious and worth the price of the car. This includes delivery of the car to the track, private chefs at the events, and many other perks.

fxx ferrari
The Ferrari FXX K | Goodwood Festival of Speed 2017

As an owner of the FFX-K, you also get to be a part of the larger Ferrari experience. Ferrari collects the data from these track days and each specific car and implements them for the design and development of future street-legal and track-only cars. This means not only being a Ferrari owner but being a part of Ferrari’s development and history.


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