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The Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz are gunning hard to bring the ute lifestyle back. Although neither Ford nor Hyundai call their mini pickup truck utes, that’s essentially what they are. We have seen a few cars come through to try and should the ute mantle on their own, but none have done it quite so brilliantly as this Ferrari 412 pickup truck, recently listed for sale. The best part is that it costs the same as a 2022 Ford Maverick. 

Ferrari 412 ute conversion in red
Ferrari 412 ute conversion | Courtesy of The Market by Bonhams

Has Ferrari ever made a pickup truck? 

In its 75 years as a company, Ferrari has never made a pickup truck, which is strange considering how many other vehicles the company has made. Now, that’s not to say that someone else hasn’t made a Ferrari pickup truck on their own. 

Calling this custom Ferrari 412 a pickup truck is probably just a touch off. Technically speaking, this custom Italian sports car is a ute, the Australian term for a car with a small truck bed like a Subaru Baja or an El Camino. 

How did this Ferrari pickup truck come to be? 

Ferrari 412 Pickup truck/ute
Ferrari 412 ute conversion | Courtesy of The Market by Bonhams

Silodrome reports that the Ferrari 412 ute builders committed a mortal sin in Italy to make this wild dream a reality. The London Supercar Workshop,  the folks responsible for this glorious (or sinful deepening on who you ask) creation, had to chop a massive chunk out of the Pininfarina-designed body and replace the Columbo V12 with an American V8. 

Although this may sound like heresy, if we’re honest with ourselves, the Ferrari 412 was no masterpiece. The 412 debuted in 1985, says Silodrome, meant to be the finest of the 400 series. However, it would eventually be replaced by the Ferrari 456. 

Many of the 400 series Ferraris were considered “lesser Ferraris” by many, says Silodrome. These cars weren’t very valuable compared to their mates. However, even the cheap Ferraris have become more popular with younger crowds and folks who want to make awesome automotive mashups over the years. 

The best part is, this Ferrari costs the same as a Ford Maverick

The Ford Maverick is seeing massive popularity and interest as Ford struggles to keep up with demand for the tiny pickup truck. One of the coolest things about the tiny ford truck is the price. The 2022 Ford Maverick starts at $19,995. 

Considering that this 1989 Ferarri 412 nearly has the same size bed as the Maverick and costs less, it means not, at least considering the Ferrari feels like a missed opportunity. 

In 2013, this Ferrari 412 ute build, has the internet ablaze. These days, silly car builds like this are getting far more common. However, this one is still special. The fact that they ditched the V12 for a small-block Chevy V8 alone makes this truck build stand-alone. 

It’s a weird one, but it’s cool

Ferrari 412 Pickup truck/ute in red
Ferrari 412 ute conversion | Courtesy of The Market by Bonhams

While some may mourn the loss of the romantic V12, removing it was probably a blessing. For one, these engines are notoriously complicated and fussy. For two, the loss of the V12 is part of why this Ferrari 412 pickup truck costs the same as the Ford Maverick. 

The estimated sale price of this bizarre Ferrari 412 ute is $19,500. That is a truly amazing price considering the current car market and how far the same money would go on a used or new car lot. Granted, the Ferrari 412 ute might not be as practical as the 2022 Ford Maverick, but then again, no one ever had a poster of a small hybrid pickup truck on their wall before either. 


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