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There are Ferraris and then there are rare Ferraris. The 599 GTB 60F1 Alonso Edition only saw 40 examples leave Maranello. Though details are slim, it is best to say there may now only be 39 left after seeing these images of what looks like a totaled Ferrari 599. 

Actually, it is so rare that someone will step up to have it rebuilt. They’re only original once. But at least this one might see the light of day restored to its former glory. 

How did this Ferrari 559 crash?

599 GTB 60F1 Alonso crash
599 GTB 60F1 Alonso crash | muc.collector

This happened in Munich. The driver obviously lost it on the rain-soaked roads based on the images. Damage includes the front end, passenger side, and probably the frame and other hidden delights. You never know for sure until you can get it on the rack and check it out.

There are guardrails seen behind the truck so the driver might have spun out and smacked one of the guardrails. We’re not sure if the Audi seen in the images was involved in the accident or just a Good Samaritan. Or, maybe they just stopped to make an offer on the spot for the Ferrari. 

According to Instagram user muc.collector, there has been one other Ferrari 599 totaled. That one was a silver GTO. Can we assume that the Ferrari 599 attracts bad drivers? Or have a curse? 

The late Sergio Marchionne once said, “The HMI (human-machine interface) function inside a Ferrari is probably the weakest link in the chain of technical know-how that’s embodied in the car.” He was the head of Fiat Chrysler, which owned Ferrari. It is the unspoken rule of Ferraridom. 

599 GTB 60F1 Alonso in showroom
599 GTB 60F1 Alonso | Wiki

The 599 GTB 60F1 Ferrari is so rare it is understandable if you have never even heard of them. It was launched to celebrate the 60th anniversary of winning Formula I. Those wins began in 1951 Silverstone, continuing to Alonso’s 2011 win at Silverstone in 2011 against Red Bull. 

Based on the 599 HGTE these are borderline race cars

These models were based on the 599 HGTE model. They were borderline race cars with stiff suspensions partially from the shorter springs, along with stiff anti-roll bars. Other inspiration came from the paint scheme of the 150º Italia from the 2011 Formula 1 World Championship. The forged alloy wheels are also unique to this Ferrari. 

In the end, they say you can buy a Ferrari but you can’t buy driving skills. We understand the driver was unhurt, which is the only good part of this crash. 


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