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wrecked red Ferrari 488 Pista after crash

Watch: Chucklehead Spins Then Crashes Brand New Ferrari 488 Pista

It's times like these that you wish these chuckleheads that buy supercars would take some driving classes. In the case of this Ferrari 488 Pista owner, he could have saved himself the humiliation of losing control and crashing. And he also could save himself some expensive repair bills.

A lot of these supercar drivers must have no experience at all with sudden acceleration. We say that because we continually post videos of these chuckleheads losing control and crashing their half-a-mil supercars. Like this one with an hours-old Ferrari 488 Pista. 

The driver had just picked his Ferrari 488 Pista up from the dealer

Yes, the driver had just picked this Ferrari up from the dealer when this happened. We understand that both the traction control and stability control were turned off. Obviously, this dude wanted to be a hero and thought he didn’t need those aids. 

This happened in the Netherlands. With 710 hp and as lightweight as it is, if you’re going to stab it you need some runway ahead of you and you need to stay into it. We suspect that drivers get spooked when the rear tires break loose and start to torque to one side and they back off. Or, they overcorrect. 

polishing Ferrari logo
A man cleans a Ferrari logo during the press day | Photo by Thorsten Wagner/Getty Images

That’s when the cameras should be rolling. Once they back off it pushes the rear all of the way around. The end results are like this one, which is a spectacle, but not pretty.

One of the fun features of all Pistas is what’s called “manettino”

Ferrari 488 Pista losing control
Wrecked Ferrari 488 Pista | YouTube

One of the fun features of all Pistas is what’s called “manettino” which means “little switch.” It has settings on a dial the driver can use to change settings in the Pista. So turning the manettino knob switches off all of the driver’s aids if the driver so chooses. The ones this chucklehead needed and should have been using. 

The only good to come from this is that the driver had a chase car filming the whole ugly mess. Once the driver stabs the trigger the car shifts left. Then the driver lifts thinking he’ll correct the slide. Overcorrecting, the Pista goes right-right over a curb and into a chain-link fence. Funtime is now over. 

Correcting right when this lightweight car swings left results in what you see

wrecked red Ferrari 488 Pista after crash
Wrecked Ferrari 488 Pista | YouTube

With the rear tires offering almost no traction, correcting right when this lightweight car swings left results in what you see. If you want to roll out of the hard throttle that might correct it. But overcorrecting and/or lifting is bad news. 

The driver’s side and rear took the main damage. It is hard to tell in the 18-second vid what all was damages. It looks like the chain link fence post punched the windshield. With frame damage, some broken suspension bits, and bodywork galore, this will be a costly repair. 

But if this dude can afford a $450,000 Ferrari then fixing the damage won’t be much of a hit. After all, what’s another $100,000 or so to learn a valuable lesson? Some would call this adventure “priceless.”


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