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Handling matters much more than power when driving between the lines on the road. Public roads come with speed limits and other drivers, which can dampen your fun while driving. When the road is empty, and you see several twists, turns, and curves in your path, one of the best-handling vehicles can put a smile on your face.

What are some of the best-handling vehicles to drive?

Should we believe automakers’ claims of handling prowess or trust the experts at MotorTrend, who have tested more than 200 cars, trucks, and SUVs during 2023? It seems like a no-brainer to trust the experts and their tests to determine which vehicles handle the best.

MotorTrend puts each tested car through its paces, including a handling course to test its skidpad, braking power, and time through a figure-eight course. From these tests, ten vehicles emerged as the best-handling models. They are:

10. 2023 BMW M2

9. 2024 Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT

8. 2022 Mercedes-AMG SL55 4Matic+

7. 2023 Porsche 911 Carrera T

6. 2023 Lamborghini Urus Performante

5. 2023 Porsche 911 Sport Classic

4. 2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray

3. 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 with Z07 Package

2. 2023 Porsche 911 GT3 RS

1. 2023 Ferrari 296 GTB Asseto Fiorano

What are the skidpad differences in the best-handling vehicles?

When it comes to the skidpad, the higher figure is better. The range for these ten vehicles is pretty narrow, with the 2023 BMW M2 reaching a 1.04 g skidpad while the top performer, 2023 Ferrari 296 GTB Asseto Fiorano, achieved a 1.15 g skidpad.

How tight is the range for the figure-eight results?

When tested, the 2023 BMW M2 completed the figure-eight course in 23.5 seconds at 0.86 g, while the 2023 Ferrari 296 GTB Asseto Fiorano finished the same course in 21.7 seconds at 1.04 g. These results present another area where these ten vehicles are in a narrow range of performance.

Green 2023 Lamborghini Urus Performante driving. This is the best-handling SUV tested.
2023 Lamborghini Urus Performante | Lamborghini

What are the best-handling SUVs?

The list of the best-handling vehicles includes a pair of high-end luxury SUVs. The 2024 Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT and the 2023 Lamborghini Urus Performante. Although the Porsche SUV tops the charts in many ways, the Lamborghini version was quicker around the figure-eight and returned better skidpad results.

What can we glean from the list of best-handling vehicles?

This top ten list has top-performing vehicles in every slot. In order to drive one of the best-handling vehicles, drivers must turn to brand names, including Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Lamborghini, and Mercedes-Benz. Of course, the list also includes two Chevy models, but these are top versions of the Corvette, which competes with the luxury performance brands on every level.