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If you’ve ever lost or misplaced your key fob and had to replace it, you know how expensive it can be. Dealers charge upwards of $100 for what seems like little more than a small remote control. You can order one online, but if you can’t program it yourself, it’s still going to cost you. Yet these costs are nothing compared to the most expensive key fobs out there. Next time you lose your keys, be glad you don’t have one of these sets for luxury cars.

A diamond encrusted key fob for a Bugatti Chiron.
Awain Key Fob | Shmee 150

The BMW i8 key fob is pretty expensive

The BMW i8 key fob will cost you a pretty penny if you lose it. This key fob costs more than $1,000. This key fob doesn’t just unlock your doors, it will also update you on your fuel and charging levels. This can come in handy if you’re not near your car, but wondering whether you need to refuel or recharge before your next drive. 

The Pagani Huyara key fob will cost you three times as much as the BMW

That’s right, a key fob for the Pagani Huyara will set you back $3,700. What do you get for that much money? For one thing, you’ll get a key fob shaped like your car. Just like when you were a kid and wanted a real car that matched your toys, now you can have toys that match your real car. 

The best part about the Huyara key fob is that it isn’t just for keys. The Huyara key fob comes apart, with one half for the audio system of your car. Just don’t lose it or you’ll be locked out and music-less.

The Aston Martin Emotional Control Unit is very expensive

The name alone raises eyebrows, but the price should too. At over $2,000, this key fob for Aston Martin is so expensive, you’ll be pretty upset if you leave it in your pocket before you do the laundry. 

Jalopnik notes that the key fob was a sapphire crystal key fob, and while it comes with a lot of features, it’s still very expensive to replace. 

This Bugatti Chiron Key will cost you 500,000 euro, or roughly $590,000

That’s right, this key fob from Awain will cost you more than a half a million dollars. Awain makes very expensive key fobs for luxury cars, but this car for the Chiron is quite expensive. According to Shmee150, it’s made of white gold and 34.5 carats of diamonds. Although it does what you’d expect from a key fob – locking and unlocking the doors and starting the cars, it looks anything but a traditional key fob. Encrusted in jewels, the Bugatti Chiron key fob looks more like a hardy piece of jewelry than something that you’d use to start a car. 

If you’ve purchased one of the cars that accompanies these key fobs, the additional cost of the key fob in most cases is likely negligible. Except for the Bugatti Chiron key, which is certainly far from a casual accessory, even for the most expensive of cars. Looking at some of these key fobs may make you relieved the next time that you lose your keys that they aren’t one of these key fobs.


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