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The Tesla Cybertruck is very cool but very tiring. None of the information about it is straightforward at all. We are all excited to see everything this strange truck has in store, but that road has been long and winding. For now, we all have to get by on the little scraps of information we can glean from the sporadic and often misleading information we get from the company’s CEO. As the Cybertruck gets closer to mass production and deliveries, we’ll take a look at everything we know about the Tesla Cybertruck interior. 

What is the Tesla Cybertruck interior like? 

The Cybertruck is an extremely exciting and original-looking truck. From day one, the design captivated the world. However, when you look at the Cybertruck’s interior, it looks like the complete opposite: borning. 

Right off the bat, you might notice the Tesla steering yoke. This feels deeply impractical in general, but for a truck, it makes even less sense. At least the yoke is interesting, even if it is silly. The rest of the interior is tough to comment on. It is extremely formless and sterile. The dash is comprised of what looks more like a whole TV (18.5 inches corner to corner)  than an infotainment screen. This is the largest infotainment screen not only in the Tesla line but in any car on the market. 

There is nothing else to see on the dash that we can tell yet. No noticeable contouring, vents, or other such design aesthetics are clear in the existing photos and videos. One bit of practical design is the Alcantara dash. Since the windshield is so long, the potential for bad reflections on the glass is strong. However, the softness of the Alcantara dash should help the reflection issue.  

The center console looks pretty good. While not groundbreaking, it seems to be large and functional. There seems to be a thematic element between the tonneau cover over the bed and the center console cover. Supposedly, this center console can move to create a sort of jump seat for the middle position. However, some leaked photos show a version of the Tesla Cybertruck interior that couldn’t support this flipping center console. You may also notice that there are no visible blinker or windshield wiper stalks off the modified steering yoke. It would seem like Tesla went with buttons for these functions, but we can only assume at this point. 

Do we know anything about the Tesla Cybertruck for sure? 

Tesla Cybertruck on road
Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

Not really. Everything we learn about the Cybertruck feels like it should be preceded by saying “supposedly.” The more details that get leaked or Elon Musk Tweets about, the more it feels like we really don’t have a clear view of what this truck is yet. While this is a little annoying (but also pretty entertaining) as a journalist, it must be particularly frustrating for the folks who are actually planning to buy one. Hell, Tesla hasn’t even told us officially what the Cybertruck costs yet.

When will the Cybertruck be delivered?

Musk has said that the truck will be ready by the end of Q3. However, we still don’t have a date. Order holders have been told that they can purchase entrance to the Delivery Event for 30,000 referral credits via the Tesla App. It certainly seems like the Tesla Cybertruck will be delivering soon, but the information simply isn’t clear. It’s weird, and it’s a problem. But if anything neatly sums up the last few years of Tesla activity, that phrase does: It’s weird, and it’s a problem.