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Honda is one of the most popular automakers in the world right now, and for a long time, it has been producing safe and reliable vehicles. From small cars to sedans, pick-up trucks, and even SUVs, Honda has always delivered on making some of the best models in the industry.

Hondas are not only known for their performance, but they are also some of the safest cars. Even recently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) conducted a safety test, and every Honda model they tested got a perfect score. In a time when the NHTSA is very strict about enforcing car safety, getting a perfect score is more than a flex for Honda.

A bright red 2023 Honda Civic compact sedan model speeding past a building entrance with a blurred background
2023 Honda Civic Sedan | American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

The NHTSA has loved Honda’s 2023 lineup

Vehicles are becoming more advanced as technology progresses. This highlights the importance of adding additional safety mechanisms to protect drivers and passengers. The NHTSA conducts tests to evaluate how safe a car is and ranks them using stars. More stars indicate that a vehicle is safer, with five being the highest possible number of stars that may be awarded.

Five 2023 Hondas got an overall five-star safety rating, these include the Ridgeline, Passport, Civic Sedan, Civic Hatchback, and Odyssey.

At a 38.5 mph collision, the Civic aced the side crash test, as the side barriers were very efficient in protecting the driver, front passenger, and rear passengers. Similarly, the Civic Hatchback excelled in frontal and side crash tests.

According to the NHTSA, the Odyssey was awarded a perfect score for the frontal and side crash tests in both the front and rear seats. It also got a four-star rating in the rollover resistance test since it only had a 13.60% risk of rolling over in case the driver lost control. The 2023 Honda Passport was also awarded a five-star rating in the side crash test and an equally good frontal crash test rating.

Some Honda models are yet to be tested

Even though the NHTSA has not yet tested every model, Honda has already proven its commitment to enforcing a safe ride experience. So far, every Honda that has been tested has had a perfect five-star rating in the side crash tests.

Both the front and rear seats have safety barriers that help protect their passengers in the case of a collision from the side. As a result, it is likely that untested vehicles will perform well in the side crash test. These include the 2023 Honda Accord, CR-V, HR-V, and Pilot.

Apart from performing well in crash tests, Honda models are also built with some advanced safety systems. For example, many Hondas are equipped with the Honda Sensing safety system. This system has a variety of innovative driver-assist features, such as adaptive cruise control, which helps the vehicle maintain a safe distance from vehicles at the front, and several collision warning systems.

Honda is doing well in 2023 

Given that the NHTSA has given the thumbs up to every 2023 model it has tested, Honda has undoubtedly demonstrated that it values the safety of its customers. Whether or not every other Honda gets a five-star rating, its progress in 2023 has still been impressive. Being one of the leading automakers in the world, Honda maintains its reputation by including the most advanced safety features in all of its recent automobiles.

Honda automobiles also have good on-road performance and a fairly priced vehicle portfolio. This is one of the reasons Honda is so well-known in the vehicle industry. What’s more, Honda has equipped its vehicles with the advanced Honda Sensing safety system, which is helpful in avoiding all kinds of collisions.


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