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Maeving “understood the assignment,” as the young people say these days. The new EV startup has revealed its Maeving RM1, an all-hand-built electric cafe racer that looks every bit as classy and retro as it does cutting edge. As many manufactures like Ducati and Triumph continue to go further down the retro cafe racer and scrambler path, it seems some new dogs are ready to try their hand at making something old-looking

Maeving RM1 pictured with man in cafe reacer gear walking up to it. This hand-built cafe racer motorcycle is as classy as it gets.
Maeving RM1 | Maeving

Retro motorcycles are in 

Ducati’s scrambler and half of Triumph’s lineup have pushed the retro style to a nearly mainstream place. Maeving has clearly noticed and now wants to join in the nostalgic fun. This bike is a breath of fresh air in the cafe racer motorcycle marketplace because it seems most electric motorcycles and cars, for that matter, seem only to want to make futuristic-looking vehicles. Maeving is headed in the opposite direction. I like that. 

 What is the Maeving RM1

man taking the battery pack out of the electric motorcycle
Maeving RM1 | Maeving

This new cafe-racer-style electric motorcycle features a rear hub motor from Bosch. As a result, it doesn’t have a chain to oil up or a belt. The directness of these EV motors is what gives EVs their segment-defining torque figures. 

According to New Atlas, three ride modes are available, and the top speed is given as 45 mph. This is a bike for tootling around town and city rather than exploring the highways and byways. Top speed aside, this city commuter is prettier than anything similar by a country mile. 

The battery is fully removable via a side panel that allows it to pop right out for charging. This also allows riders to keep an optional spare battery pack at the office, a friend’s house, or wherever it might be useful. The maeving RM1 even has a compartment in the “tank” to store an extra battery. This will likely be an option most riders will choose because the RM1 has a range of 40 miles and a charge time of 3.5 hours. 

Has maeving offered any more specs? 

Maeving RM1 on a white background
Maeving RM1 | Maeving

Not yet, but they should be coming soon. But based on the photographs, the Maeving RM1 may have scooter performance, but it sure as hell gives off the right retro motorcycle vibes to fit in anywhere – well, maybe not anywhere. 

Every detail of the RM1 is a masterclass on attention to detail and design aesthetic. One of the first things we noticed was what looked like an exhaust tube coming out of the “block.” Of course, being an electric bike, there is no exhaust. The genius of this detail is that it looks like what we are used to seeing on a bike, but this tube houses the battery cables. The RM1 can also be optioned with a service to locate the motorbike if it’s not where you left it, basically a form of low jack. 

When will the RM1 come out? 

The electric cafe racer motorcycle is currently being shown in the U.K. until December 11th. New Atlas mentions that the 2021 production run of 100 units have already sold out, but reservations are being accepted for the 2022 batch. 

Each RM1 electric motorcycle is hand-built at the company’s Coventry facility and is currently only being sold in mainland UK for £4,995 (which converts to around US$6,600).


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