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Let’s be honest, so much of what makes motorcycles so popular is vanity. We think they are cool, and if we ride them, we then look cool. I’m not judging. I am one such person. With that in mind, motorcycle gear is also cool. Whether you prefer the modern armored gear or a more retro look for riding your vintage bike to the cars and coffee (or the bike equivalent.) Thankfully, the Goldtop “Battle of Britain” bomber jacket repro is here. This is without question the coolest retro motorcycle jacket for riding in the fall. 

Front of the Goldtop bomber jacket
Goldtop “Battle of Britain” Bomber Jacket | Goldtop

The Goldtop “Battle of Britain” bomber jacket

As always, Ben Branch of Silodrome finds the coolest automotive stuff around. In this case, it’s not an impossibly rare race car found in a barn someplace; it’s the WWII replica bomber jacket worn by RAF pilots now remade by Goldtop.

As you can probably tell, this isn’t exactly a motorcycle jacket. But, in true biker spirit, anything can be for motorcycles if you choose so. While we here at Motorbiscuit suggest wearing certified safety gear while riding, there are many vintage bike collectors who look for era-appropriate clothing to wear with their vintage bikes. It is for this reason that we call attention to this jacket. The overlap between military service and motorcycle riders is a long tradition that this jacket plays nicely into. Anywho, back to the jacket. 

There isn’t a cooler retro bomber jacket than this one 

The Goldtop "Battle of Britain" Bomber jacket against a white background. This is one of the coolest motorcycle jackets ever.
Goldtop “Battle of Britain” Bomber Jacket | Goldtop

Sheepskin bomber jackets like the Goldtop were worn by pilots often alongside sheepskin trousers. While bomber jackets are still plenty fashionable, the sheepskin trousers didn’t quite make the cut. 

According to Silodrome, Goldtop started by making equestrian gear before WWII. They transitioned into motorcycle clothing post-war and quickly became a standard for bikers, particularly cafe racer types

The “Battle of Britain” bomber is the real deal

Goldtop "Battle of Britain" Bomber Jacket | Goldtop
Goldtop “Battle of Britain” Bomber Jacket | Goldtop

Goldtop’s Battle of Britain bomber vintage motorcycle jacket is made with 100 percent real sheepskin dyed to give it “that” look. All hardware is made from solid brass, and it has a double-thick belt, collar strap, and zip pulls. 

In classic bomber jacket form, this badass vintage motorcycle jacket has the classic belt to cinch in the waist to give a tailored fit and feel. Sizing ranges from 36 to 50, and like all good high-end clothiers, the site provides tools to figure out the right size. This is a really good thing on account of it’s not really an item you want to be unsure of. This jacket might be the coolest vintage motorcycle jacket ever, but it ain’t cheap. 

The Goldtop “Battle of Britain” Bomber jacket runs a whopping $583.00. While this may seem like a sizeable pile of cash, comparatively, it is really not so bad. Other similar bombers can run well north of $1,000, but let’s be honest, that’s absurd. Either way, this RAF-style bomber seems to be the real deal and will probably last a lifetime. And besides, what’s $500 for the coolest vintage motorcycle jacket in the game? 


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