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Rivian logo on the back of a Rivian vehicle.

EV Maker Rivian Forms New Partnership in Fight for ‘Wilder Future’

When Rivian adopted the tagline 'Adventurous Forever' for their new releases no one knew they would turn it into a philanthropic mission. Now it seems they have a larger-than-life mission. The automaker recently announced an exciting partnership to fight for a "wilder future."

When Rivian adopted the tagline ‘Adventurous Forever’ for their new releases, the R1T pickup, and R1S SUV, no one knew they would turn it into a philanthropic mission. The electric vehicle manufacturer put up the tagline in a series of videos in 2020 promoting their new vehicles, but it seems they have a larger-than-life mission. The automaker recently announced an exciting partnership to fight for a “wilder future.”

Rivian logo on the back of a Rivian vehicle.
Rivian logo | Getty Images

Rivian partnered with The Nature Conservancy to fight for our future

The Rivian website notes their dedication to preserving the natural world for generations to come. For years, the company has opted to abide by its Forever slogan. Rivian seems to be taking the fight to a larger scale with its recent partnership. The company’s founder and CEO, RJ Scaringe, wrote a note on the company’s official website detailing his brand’s Forever mission.

In the note, Scaringe assured his consumers that his company would be putting up 1% of its equity into the mission. The stake is meant to provide the mission with the financial help it requires to address and “focus on high impact climate initiatives with an emphasis on preserving and restoring wildlands, waterways, and oceans.”

The entrepreneur noted that automakers like the rest of the world shouldn’t continue building and consuming products like before, calling it a “massive industrial complex” created by humans over the years. The concept Scaringe offers is quickly altering our atmosphere’s composition and destroying the natural ecosystems necessary to support life on earth.

The automaker is partnering with a global conservative group called The Nature Conservancy (TNC) to fight climate change and preserve biodiversity. The partnership offers valuable resources and education opportunities to the public while providing new channels for responsible access to natural spaces.

Part of the agreement requires Rivian to offer up its vehicles to TNC to use at its preserves in California, Oklahoma, and Wyoming. TNC hopes the partnership with Rivian will allow them to illustrate how “smart, clean technology can work with nature to address the twin crises of climate and biodiversity loss.”

People are obsessed with Rivian’s new EVs, and for good reason

Rivian is a startup in the EV industry, but it looks like the company might be giving other brands a run for their money. MotorTrend gave the Rivian R1T the “most remarkable pickup” title, and from the reviews about the vehicle, they are not alone.

The truck is quick, with a 0-60mph acceleration of three seconds. The pickup also has an efficient engine that doesn’t halt as many vehicles do. Its four-motor 4WD system and skateboard platform mean that its chassis can hold the motor and the battery, thus cutting manufacturing costs and lowering the center of gravity.

The R1S SUV also has a quad motor system with the same acceleration time as the R1T. Additionally, if you’re looking for an EV that can carry many people, the R1S is your go-to choice with its three-row seating that accommodates up to seven people. The R1S also has additional storage in the front trunk and rear storage bin. Like its sister vehicle, R1T, the R1S excels in off-road prowess with its traction-enhancing and motor all-wheel drive system.

The Rivian’s recent achievement and what it means for Tesla

Every year MotorTrend awards vehicles with a coveted award for ‘Truck of the Year.’ The award considers tested cars in reliability, performance, and style. In 2021, the Rivian R1T won the prize, making it a big deal considering Rivian is a startup, and it edged out industry powerhouses like Tesla.

Elon Musk’s company is no stranger to MotorTrend’s awards. It brought home the ‘2013 Car of the Year Award’ for its Tesla Model S. It has been a while since the company won another prize with the Tesla Model Y not even making it to the finals despite being shortlisted. In 2021, Rivian’s R1T was up against Tesla’s Cybertruck, but with Rivian’s win, Tesla has its work cut out for it.


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