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Rivian garners a great deal of positive buzz these days, with its recent IPO stock offering and it heralded as the “next Tesla.” The EV automaker already released the R1T electric truck, and the release of the R1S electric SUV will be early next year. Let’s take a look at the differences between the R1T and R1S.

Rivian R1T electric truck vs. Rivian R1S electric SUV

Passenger's side front angle view of silver Rivian R1T in a comparison between the Rivian R1S
L.A. Silver Rivian R1T | Rivian

The Rivian R1T and R1S are very similar. Essentially, they are electric truck and SUV versions of the same vehicle. However, with different body types, there are notable differences. For our Rivian R1T vs. R1S comparison, we evaluate several different areas. This includes performance, towing, efficiency, driving range, off-road capabilities, passenger capacity, cargo space, color options, price, and availability.

R1T vs. R1S: Performance, towing, efficiency, and driving range

White Rivian R1S driving on a dirt road by a large rock for a comparison with the R1T
Glacier White Rivian R1S | Rivian

Both the Rivian R1T and R1S have a quad-motor system, with an electric motor for each wheel. The output of the quad-motor system is 835 hp and 908 lb-ft of torque, with a 0-60 mph acceleration time of three seconds. On the towing front, the R1T can tow a heavier load than the R1S. It has a maximum towing capacity of 11,000 pounds, compared to 7,700 pounds for the R1S.

For the driving range, the R1T has a slight edge. On a full charge, it has a range of up to 316 miles, compared to 314 miles for the R1S. Also, both electric vehicles will likely offer extended range models next year, with a driving range of over 400 miles. 

The R1T also has a slight edge for efficiency. It has an estimated fuel economy of up to 74 city/66 highway MPGe, compared to 73 city/65 highway MPGe for the R1S.

R1T vs. R1S: Off-road capabilities

Off-road prowess is an area in which the Rivian R1T and R1S excel. With the traction-enhancing quad-motor all-wheel drive system, the electric vehicles can confidently travel over challenging terrain. Both models have an adjustable air suspension that can raise and lower the height of the vehicle, with ground clearance up to 14.9 inches. Also, the R1T and R1S have selectable drive modes for different driving and terrain conditions. This includes All-Purpose, Sport, Off-Road Auto, Off-Road Rock Crawl, Off-Road Rally, Off-Road Drift, Conserve, and Tank Mode.

R1T vs. R1S: Passenger capacity and cargo space

If you want an electric vehicle that can carry many passengers, then the R1S is the better choice for you. With its three rows of seating, it can seat up to seven people. In comparison, the R1T, with its two rows of seating, has a five-passenger seating capacity.

For storage space, the R1S has a maximum enclosed cargo capacity of 105 cu-ft. It also offers additional storage, with 11.1 cu-ft for the front trunk (frunk) and 5.1 cu-ft for the rear storage bin. In comparison, the R1T has a different type of storage situation with its pickup truck bed, which has a payload capacity of 1,700 pounds. 

Like the R1S, the R1T has a frunk with an 11.1 cu-ft cargo capacity. Unlike the R1S, the R1T has a unique gear tunnel with a storage capacity of 11.7 cu-ft, as well as an available camp kitchen that stows in the gear tunnel. However, with its SUV design, the R1S has a removable glass panoramic roof, which isn’t offered for the R1T. 

R1T vs. R1S: Color Options

The Rivian R1T and R1S offer the same color options. This includes L.A. Silver, Glacier White, Red Canyon, Midnight, Rivian Blue, Limestone, Forest Green, El Cap Granite, and Compass Yellow. Also, a Launch Green color option is offered for the R1T and R1S Launch Edition models, but they are already sold out.

R1T vs. R1S: Price and availability 

Which costs more: the Rivian R1T or Rivian R1S? Both electric vehicles are expensive, but the R1T costs slightly less than the R1S. Starting prices for the R1T are $73,000 for the Launch Edition trim, $73,000 for the Adventure Package, and $67,500 for the Explore Package. For the R1S, starting prices are $75,500 for the Launch Edition trim, $75,500 for the Adventure Package, and $70,000 for the Explore Package.

As far as availability, the R1T was recently released, while the R1S will be released in early 2022. However, it may be a long time before an R1T or R1S is delivered to you after you place an order. There is a long waitlist, with a possible backlog of two years for fulfilling orders. 

Rivian R1T vs. R1S: Which EV should I buy?

After reviewing our Rivian R1T vs. R1S comparison, you can see that the electric vehicles share many similarities, but have some differences as well. This includes a different towing capacity, range, seating capacity, cargo capacity, and price. Also, the R1T offers greater utility for outdoor adventures with features like the gear tunnel and camp kitchen. With the R1S, you can enjoy a sense of airiness in the cabin and a great view with the removable glass panoramic moonroof.


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