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With the auto industry becoming more environmentally-conscious than ever, electric vehicles are everywhere. The typical electric vehicle is often regarded as small, compact, and economical. But thanks to Swiss innovators, the future of electric-powered vehicles is bright. Meet the Elektro Dumper, the world’s largest electric vehicle.

The largest electric vehicle in the world

The Elektro Dumper, also known as the eDumper, is a converted mining truck. It’s not just completely CO2-free, but it also claims to be the only electric vehicle that generates more energy than it spends. The product of a partnership between Kuhn Schweitz and Lithium Storage, the eDumper helps mine lime and marl at a quarry in Biel, Switzerland.

According to MSN, the truck has a 600 kWh electric battery that weighs a massive 4.5 tons — seven times larger than the biggest Tesla battery. The eDumper comes with impressive environmental benefits. It claims to save up to 130 tons of CO2 and 50,000 tons of liters of fuel annually.

Its technology also saves money by creating additional energy for the quarry. In fact, the eDumper claims to create a surplus of up to 200 kWh in energy daily, totaling up to 77 MWh per year.

How it creates more energy than it uses

This massive machine used to house a 739 hp 23.2-liter turbo diesel engine. Now it has a 789 hp electric motor that creates more than 7,000 lb-ft torque and works with a 600 kWh battery. In order to create the energy it claims, the eDumper uses what most electric vehicles have: regenerative braking.

The eDumper goes up the hill to collect minerals. When it returns back down, its electric motor goes into reverse as the driver hits the brake pads. This releases electricity that can be stored and returned to the battery, according to CNN. The eDumper goes up the hill unloaded and comes back with materials, aka a heavier load, which makes the braking stronger. The Elektro Dumper can do this around 20 times each day.

When Formula E winner Lucas di Grassi rode in the eDumper, he verified that the electric mining truck arrived up the hill with 80% battery and had 88% battery when it returned. This means the eDumper gained 8% in energy — an incredibly impressive for a vehicle of its size.

How big is the Elektro Dumper?

The eDumper is based on a Komatsu HB 605-7. The tires alone are 6-feet high and can deal with inclines of up to 13%, even in harsh weather. A driver can only enter the cockpit after climbing nine large stairs — not surprising considering the eDumper is more than 30 feet long, almost 14 feet wide, and more than 14 feet high. Its wheelbase is more than 14 feet, with a dump height of almost 29 feet.

Weighing roughly 45 tons and able to carry 65 tons of raw materials, the eDumper weighs a total of 110 tons when fully loaded. The innovative truck is turning heads for all the right reasons. With incredible benefits for business, the automobile industry, and environment, there is no limit to this electric vehicle!


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