Electric Ford F-150’s Real Name Allegedly Leaks Ahead of Debut

It’s been almost two years since we first saw the electric Ford F-150 towing over 1 million pounds on video. Since then, progress on the electrified F-150 has been kept relatively silent, with plenty of rumors sprinkled throughout. However, a new report by CarBuzz may have discovered an accidental leak revealing this brand-new truck’s real name. Given the Mustang Mach-E’s naming, chances are this new alleged name won’t take you by surprise.

It is worth noting before jumping in that none of this has been officially confirmed by Ford. Instead, these are just the findings CarBuzz reported while digging around online.

What will this electric Ford F-150 look like?

The first glimpse we ever got of the electrified Ford F-150 came from the video above featuring the truck towing over 1 million pounds. However, eagle-eyed readers will spot that the truck above features the previous-generation truck’s body-style. Since the release of that video in 2019, the F-150 has undergone a complete re-design. As a result, the electric Ford F-150 will likely look completely different from what we see in the video.

Additionally, MotorTrend reports that the electric Ford F-150 will likely also feature an exterior design that greatly differs from that of the other trucks available. As you’d imagine, the lack of an internal combustion engine also removes the need for massive air intakes. Instead, we should see a fairly smooth front-end that will prioritize aerodynamics to improve overall range.

However, since the Ford F-150 is the brand’s best-selling vehicle, chances are it will still retain its overall classic shape. In terms of performance, we don’t know much. MotorTrend estimates that the truck will be capable of at least 200 miles of electric range. Additionally, it should carry a maximum towing rating of over 12,000 pounds.

What could this electrified truck be called when it arrives?

Ford F150 prototype EV in front of train
Ford F-150 EV Prototype

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Now that we know more or less what to expect of the electric Ford F-150 let’s move on to its name. CarBuzz reportedly found the electrified truck’s name while searching the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website for information. Within one of the submenus, there was a vehicle profile for a model called the E-150. As you’d imagine, the model’s electrified nature could make this “E” nomenclature fit quite well.

While this electrified Ford F-150 discovery seems quite unprecedented, you have plenty of reasons to be skeptical. The first is that the E-150 name was previously used for the brand’s full-size van. As a result, this finding could be nothing more than a glitch on the NHTSA’s website. Additionally, the current F-150 Hybrid is called the Powerboost, adding a bit more drama to the truck’s name. As a result, E-150 may be too simple of a name for this highly anticipated model.

Regardless, CarBuzz makes an excellent point by noting that Ford still currently holds the trademark for E-150. This is interesting because the van mentioned above went out of production back in 2014, leaving little reason to keep the name. Regardless, we will have to wait for official confirmation from ford before taking this name as an official leak.

When will this F-150 arrive?

Ford F-150 EV hauling a train
Ford F-150 EV hauling a train | Ford

As of writing, there is no official launch date for the electric Ford F-150. However, CarBuzz reports that the truck is set to arrive sometime in 2022. This fact also casts a bit of doubt on this E-150 finding, given that the NHTSA’s site lists it as a 2021 model, not a 2022 model. Regardless, it won’t be long until the electrified truck arrives, and we know all of the important details.