Eight-Wheel Chevy Silverado Is Driven Into So. Florida Bay-Wait, What?

Well, it is 2020 so nothing surprises us anymore. But this one did get our attention. When you’re a YouTuber like WhistlinDiesel your exploits need to be wilder and wilder. Thus, you take your eight-wheel, two-wheel-drive Chevy Silverado and drive it into a South Florida bay. With no propeller or rudder, we are left wondering what the point was? 

MonsterMax Silverado Florida escapade | Facebook

This truck-capade happened between Longboat Key and Bradenton Beach, Florida

This could be titled “The Mistake By The Lake,” though it happened between Longboat Key and Bradenton Beach, Florida. From a large amount of air in those eight tires it miraculously did float. We’re not sure whether WhislinDiesel planned it or just lucked out. Of course, in spite of the truck having four-wheel steering and the rotation of the tires moving the truck forward the whole enterprise was still doomed. 

MonsterMax Silverado Florida escapade | Facebook

So a boat pulled the truck contraption back to shore while surrounded by the Coast Guard, Sheriff’s office, and Department of Natural Resources. A helicopter flew above in case the surrounding support couldn’t ward off any danger. As the truck isn’t licensed as a boat and has no means to navigate the waters, and those waters being environmentally protected, there must be citations flying around.  

The Duramax diesel-powered, eight-wheeled Silverado is called “Monstermax”

The Duramax diesel-powered Silverado is called “Monstermax” and has been a party to a few of these truck tomfoolery treks. Though two-wheel-drive, you would expect that it be four-wheel-drive to pull off antics like this. At best we expected the newspaper headlines to read “Truck Stuck In the Muck.” 

MonsterMax Silverado Florida escapade | Facebook

Though not raced it was at the 2.4 Hours OF Le Mullets race last weekend. Since it was already in Florida, quite a way from its Indiana digs, it took advantage of what the state had to offer in the way of shenanigans. This was all beyond Monstermax’s intended usage which from what we can tell has been booking around the owner’s Indiana digs. 

The aftermath of these eight-wheeled antics will surely be on YouTube

MonsterMax Silverado Florida escapade | Facebook

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If the U-joints, axle bearings front and rear, and mechanical linkages greased, we suppose the Monstermax will ride again. The aftermath of these antics will surely be on YouTube, but images have been shared on Facebook and a video has hit TikTok. So, that’s how we got these good shots. 

How or when these YouTube boobs will take their truck antics is anybody’s guess? We’re just thankful their minds have no bounds when it comes to stupid shenanigans and wasteful destruction of trucks and property. Given that we can venture forth with YouTube searches for ever more insane schemes and daring-do makes life just a bit more livable in these pandemic times.