Edmunds: Acceleration in the Tesla Model Y Is ‘Bonkers’

Tesla is jumping into the wildly popular SUV segment with another model in its portfolio, the 2020 Tesla Model Y. On par with its mainstream design, the Model Y is electric and full of upscale materials and touchpoints. It’s a little smaller than the existing Tesla Model X, and it’s one of the first electric luxury crossovers on the market.

The Edmunds reviewers recently took a Model Y for a spin, and they have plenty of details to share. Acceleration alone, in this luxury SUV, is absolutely “bonkers.” So, what did they mean by that, and will this latest addition to the Tesla lineup bring the luxury and value people want in an SUV?

What’s likable about the Tesla Model Y?

There’s plenty to like about the Tesla Model Y. Its Long Range model claims a range-topping 316 miles on a full charge. There is even a supercharger network for those long-distance drives. The seating offered is roomy and comfortable in both the front and back.

It’s a clean and simple design, made for a luxurious experience from the impressive sound to the all-glass roof. Consumers will appreciate the traditional doors – a contrast to the upward swinging rear doors on the Model X. It’s actually very similar in overall aesthetics to the popular Tesla Model 3.

Where the Edmunds experts suggest improvements

The Edmunds experts did find a few aspects that could use some attention. After all, the job of a reviewer is to find setbacks or non-favorite factors that might matter to car-buying consumers. One disappointment is the much later availability of the lower-priced, Standard Range model variation. Another issue noted with the Tesla Model Y – and it might be a deal-breaker – is the lack of connectivity platforms for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto integration.

What made them laugh?

When driving a traditional gas-powered vehicle, the drivetrains are designed to select the right gear based on the pressure you apply to the gas pedal. They downshift and sometimes pause before eventually accelerating. With Tesla’s luxury electric SUV, however, the pedal response is instantaneous.

So much so that the Edmunds folks said, “you press the accelerator pedal hard, you laugh.” This kind of quick response makes merging into fast-moving traffic nimble and easy. It also has the experts pretty excited to try the Performance trim of the Tesla Model Y, claiming to go from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds.

The 2020 Tesla Model Y is bringing value

The 2020 Tesla Model Y may be the first electric luxury crossover, but others are coming. BMW, Volvo, and Ford are all planning EV sport-utility rides soon. And, in the end, buying one will boil down to which presents the best overall value. The Model Y configuration that Edmunds tested costs $62,190. That price tag includes destination charges, a Performance Upgrade, the eye-catching red paint ($2,000), and Full Self-Driving Compatibility ($7,000).

It might sound expensive at first, but it costs less than many of its luxury gas-powered rivals, including the BMW X3 and the Mercedes-Benz AMG GLC 63. A late-coming Standard Range will be here in 2021 for about $40,000. Overall, Edmunds thinks the Tesla Model Y is bringing plenty of value to the table.

Considering the popularity and success of the Tesla Model S and Model 3, Edmunds is predicting the 2020 Model Y to be yet another winner for the Tesla portfolio. It brings everything you’d expect from the innovative automaker, including EV range, performance, and technology. But this SUV is also bringing luxury, style, and gusto. If you’re into 21-inch wheels, sleek design, and an acceleration response that’s “bonkers,” you definitely need to test-drive the Tesla Model Y.