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A good old reliable three-row SUV may be on your wish list, but which one should you buy? Some are affordable, and some offer more luxurious amenities for a high price, like the Lexus GX. However, the Kia Telluride has many of the same features and you could get one of its top trims for about the same as one of the lower trims on the GX. Here, we explore what the GX and the Telluride offer and why you should just stick with a $50,000 Kia Telluride price tag and pass on the Lexus GX. 

The upper trims that cost north of $50,000

The Kia Telluride comes in several trim levels. Many are under the $50,000 mark, while four are over that price range. The lower trims include the LX and S. Starting price for the LX is $35,990, while the S will cost you $37,990, according to Kia.

Mid-level trims include the EX, EX X-Line, SX, and SX X-Line. Prices for these range from $41,590 to $49,285. The four top trim levels are the SX X-Pro, SX Prestige, SX Prestige X-Line, and the SX Prestige X-Pro. The Kia Telluride price range for the higher models is from $50,285 to $53,185.

When it comes to the Lexus GX, there are a handful of trim levels to choose from. The first model is the GX 460, which you can get for around $57,000. Stepping up one trim will get you the GX 460 Premium, starting at $58,910. Then there’s the GX 460 Black Line Special Edition and the GX 460 Luxury.

What does the Lexus GX offer for the price?

For the base trim of the 2023 Lexus GX, which begins in the $57,000 range, you get running boards, a sunroof, a rear spoiler, and a towing capacity of 6,500 lbs. You’ll also get keyless start, remote start, a navigational system, a leather leather-wrapped steering wheel, adaptive cruise control, seats for seven passengers, and keyless entry, to name a few. For about $640 more, you can have heated and ventilated seats installed into the vehicle, according to U.S. News

Powering it up is a 4.6-liter V8 engine producing 301 hp and 329 lb-ft of torque. Paired with it is a six-speed automatic transmission. This combination enables the SUV to go from 0 to 60 mph in 7.8 seconds, which is on the slow side when you compare it with some of its rivals. 

Fuel economy for four-wheel drive (the only drivetrain offered) is 15 mpg in the city and 19 mpg when traveling on the highway. Cargo storage for this model offers a total of 64.7 cubic feet of space. 

Upon purchase, there are two warranties offered by Lexus. First, you get the basic four-year/50,000-mile program. Then there’s the powertrain warranty, which gets you about six years of coverage or 70,000 miles, whichever comes first. 

What do you get for the Kia Telluride price?

Since the Lexus GX begins at significantly more than $50,000, we’re pretty sure you’re better off just going with the Kia Telluride, which gives you more, and you can get the higher trims for around $50,000. 

This model offers front-wheel drive standard, rear spoiler, 5,000 lbs towing capacity, auto-off headlights, and room for 8 passengers. Features on this model include Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, dual-zone air conditioning, satellite radio, and a Wi-Fi hotspot. 

Powering it up is a 3.8-liter V6 engine producing 291 hp and 262 lb-ft. Paired with it is an eight-speed automatic transmission. This combination allows the Telluride to go from 0 to 60 mph in 6.8 seconds. 

Fuel economy ratings for it are pretty good, with 20 mpg on city roads and 26 mpg on the highway for the front-wheel drive version. For AWD, you get 18 mpg in the city and 24 mpg on the highway. Regarding storage, the Telluride gives you a total of 87 cubic feet of space.

The warranty offered with the Kia Telluride is a five-year/60,000-mile one for basic, limited coverage. The other is a 10-year/100,000-mile warranty covering issues with the powertrain. 

If you’re looking to spend around $50,000, the Kia Telluride is the best value when you compare it to the Lexus GX. With better fuel economy ratings and more cargo storage, plus you get many of the same features the GX offers, why spend the extra $7,000 or so? 


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