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The 2023 Kia Telluride is heralded as a fantastic family hauler for its price, practicality, comfort, and value, and, just as critical in the three-row SUV segment, its abundant list of safety features and driver’s aids. Several Kia Telluride safety features stand out, making it one of the most appealing mainstream family SUVs available today.

Highway Driving Assist eases long journeys

The Kia Telluride comes standard with two versions — dependent on trim — of the automaker’s Highway Driving Assist smart cruise control feature. Highway Driving Assist 1.5, which is standard on the LX, S, and EX models, allows drivers to program a set speed and distance from the car ahead. It also has a stop-and-go feature that can either stop the Telluride completely or accelerate and decelerate in crawling traffic.

An upgraded version of the system, dubbed Highway Driving Assist 2, can also make lane changes when the turn signal is engaged. This system is standard on upper-trim 2023 Telluride models.

Neither system is hands-free, but they are certainly welcome on road trips.

Blind Spot View Monitor keeps the driver’s attention forward

One of the handiest Kia Telluride safety features is a Blind Spot View Monitor, which is standard for all Tellurides bearing the SX moniker.  

Equipped Telluride models are fitted with two cameras on the side mirrors, and when a turn signal is activated, the feed from the appropriate camera is displayed in the digital gauge cluster, allowing drivers to check their blind spot while keeping their heads forward.

Navigation-Based Cruise Control adds a level of autonomy

All 2023 Kia Telluride models are fitted with Navigation-Based Smart Cruise Control with Stop and Go. The feature is just a slight step below the semi-autonomous driving systems that can be found in Tesla models or those equipped with GM’s Super Cruise.

On the highway, the system uses onboard navigation to reduce speeds in places like a construction zone or to reduce speed ahead of a curvy bit of highway. In turn, the intelligent system delivers a more natural and smoother cruise based on outside factors that might otherwise require a driver to intervene.

This Kia Telluride safety feature goes far beyond forward automatic braking


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All 2023 Telluride models come standard with a forward collision avoidance system that can bring the SUV to an emergency stop when a crash is imminent. Unlike similar systems, its abilities aren’t limited to detecting other cars. The system includes pedestrian, cyclist, and junction-turning automatic braking for added peace of mind.

Upper trim models get an upgraded version with lane change detection and evasive steering assistance, activated when the Telluride is poised to collide with another car, making an improper lane change. Or it prevents the Kia from making such a merge.

Rear-Occupant Alert can help prevent the unthinkable

Leaving a child in the car is a scenario no parent wants to consider, but the 2023 Kia Telluride helps mitigate this potential issue with its standard Rear Occupant Alert system.

A message is displayed to check the rear seats for passengers when the Telluride is parked and the driver’s door is opened. Additionally, the Kia Telluride uses ultrasonic sensors to detect movement in the rear seats for up to 24 hours after it’s parked and can alert the driver’s cell phone if it detects a passenger is still in the SUV.

All of these 2023 Kia Telluride safety features add up to an incredibly appealing package that most families should consider.