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The 2023 Dodge Durango is upon us, but there’s not much different from previous generations. There hasn’t been a redesign for the aging Durango since 2011, and it’s beginning to feel its age. While there are rumors that the 2024 Durango will change all this, you should still take a look at the 2023 model because Edmunds believes it has a wildcard feature that sets it apart from the competition.

A white Dodge Durango on display at an auto show.
Dodge Durango SRT | Raymond Boyd via Getty Images

Edmunds’ overall rating isn’t stellar

The 2023 Dodge Durango didn’t perform poorly in Edmunds’ study, but it didn’t exactly stand out, either. One might say it is merely average, which is not the description automakers tend to go for with their vehicles. Overall, Edmunds gave it a rating of 7.6/10.

It wasn’t all bad for the Durango. There are a few features that the review site really liked, such as the Hellcat engines, which set the 2023 Durango apart from competitors. Not only does the 710 hp V8 engine allow the Durango to go from zero to 60 in 3.5 seconds, but it also allows it to tow up to 8,700 lbs. The max payload capacity is 1,590 lbs.

The touchscreen also earned praise for its ease of use. Edmunds considers it to be one of the best in the class. 

Another advantage that sets the Durango apart is that off-roaders will enjoy being able to head out into the great outdoors in comfort thanks to AWD and low-range gearing. Despite this, a few factors brought the 2023 Dodge Durango’s score down.

The Dodge Durango’s wildcard score was high

Say what you want about the 2023 Dodge Durango’s poor fuel mileage and bulky handling, but the model comes with quite a bit of power.

In fact, Edmunds stated, “The Durango SRT is a burly, powerful SUV that looks and sounds the part. It’s upfront, in-your-face, and shouts at you like a drill sergeant. It doesn’t handle all that well but doesn’t feel like it loses a step when it’s fully loaded with people. Day to day, it’s really more fun than an SUV has a right to be.”

Because of this, the Durango scored a 9.0/10 in the wildcard category. For many drivers who want a large SUV with a powerful engine that demands to be seen, there isn’t much competition for the Dodge Durango. 

It remains to be seen if the 2024 model will continue to have the wildcard factor. If Dodge takes all the good parts of the Durango and updates the cons like lackluster fuel mileage, then the 2024 might be even better than 2023.

These areas held the 2023 Dodge Durango back

Edmunds had problems in three areas with the Durango. The first is the poor fuel economy.

The V6 engine isn’t exactly stellar for fuel mileage, but it’s far superior to the V8, which gets around 13 mpg on average. There may be a few consumers out there who wouldn’t blink at such poor mileage, but they are probably few and far between.

Another complaint that helped lower the 2023 Durango’s score is the lack of standard safety features. Drivers are treated to a rearview camera, blind-spot monitoring, and rear cross-traffic alert. These are definitely safety features drivers crave, but forward collision warning, adaptive cruise control, and lane-departure warning will cost extra.

Finally, they felt the Durango is big and bulky. Having a large frame isn’t a bad thing. Many drivers would even consider it to be a plus. Being cumbersome and challenging to park can make driving the Durango a hassle, however.


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