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It’s interesting how, just when news is being released about the final year of Dodge Durango production, the news is leaking about the 2024 Durango. Funny how that works. In any event, we’ll pass along what we’re seeing and what we already know. Essentially, Stellantis is trying to help Dodge hang in there while its aging product line gets a year older.

Could Dodge rebadge a Peugeot for the 2024 Durango?

2024 Peugeot 7008
2024 Peugeot 7008 SUV proposal | Peugeot

We’re expecting big things coming out of Dodge through its Stellantis merger. Peugeot and Renault have a number of large and medium SUVs that could easily be rebadged as Durangos. The large Peugeot 7008 and smaller 5008 SUVs come to mind. And Renault has the Koleos SUV. 

We know that Dodge is working on a plug-in hybrid compact crossover. It is using the same platform as the Alfa Romeo Tonale. So here is an example of Dodge cherry-picking from the various models available to it within the merged companies. 

Could Dodge already have a new Durango platform with the Jeep Grand Cherokee?

red Jeep Grand Cherokee L in a driveway
2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L | Jeep

Or maybe Dodge has already developed a new platform it will share with Jeep beginning with the 2024 models. The Dodge SUV was once developed with the same platform as the Jeep Grand Cherokee. But now the Grand Cherokee is based on the Stellantis Giorgio platform. Will the new Durango also be on that same platform, mirroring the two SUVs’ former connections? 

Jeep currently builds the Grand Cherokee at its Jefferson North Assembly plant and its Detroit Assembly Complex plant. And it can’t keep up with demand. So we might not see any shared platforms with the two according to Mopar Insiders. Even with the current Durango going into its 12th model year it is still on track to see sales of over 60,000 this year. So there is no room to squeeze in a sister vehicle to the Grand Cherokee.

Could the Durango land on the Dodge pickup platform?

The 2022 Ram 1500 parked in the woods
2022 Ram 1500 Ram

Is the Dodge Durango Actually on Its Death Bed?

Would we like to see the Durango use the Dodge pickup platform, as Ford and Chevy do with their full-size SUVs? Yes, we would. Everything gets better in this scenario. Better towing capacity, better hauling capability, and a larger interior. And, of course, a lot of the tooling and development is already available. 

Then there is the idea of stabbing a Hellcat engine into this hypothetical Durango. Dodge did it last year, but limited production to only 3,000 SUVs. The Ram DT chassis could better handle 800 hp with no problems. So, what is Dodge waiting for? Well, all of this product shuffling and where to assemble it takes time. 

So what we know is that the 2022 Durango will be the last of the current aging platform. The possibilities for the next Durango are endless. When we know more we’ll fill you in with the latest.