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At some point in time, you have probably attended some car show. This usually consists of cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles displayed in a parking lot. Classic auto shows used to be popular, but now more modern versions like Cars & Coffee have popped up around the world. However, the Valley View Recreation Club puts on the annual Nude Car Show, which sounds like quite the event.

The Annual Nude Car Show is a four-day event

The annual nude car show flyer
Annual Nude Car Show flyer | VVRC

Sunscreen is recommended, but apparently, clothing is not. The annual car show is put on by the Valley View Recreation Club in Cambridge, Wisconsin, which also hosts Wisconsin’s Naked Mile and Naked Volleyball Tournaments. Only 20 minutes from Madison, Wisconsin, this property has 17 acres of land and plenty of space for camping. Don’t worry; it has also been approved by the American Association for Nude Recreation.

This four-day event starts on August 10 and has some Karaoke in the evening, lunch during the day, and plenty of entertainment in between. There are some rules, such as carrying a towel and keeping your dog on a leash. No cell phones or cameras are allowed for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, that means there isn’t much info on past winners and vehicles that were best in the show.

There are a few ways to win an award, and participants have time to vote until 11:30 AM on Sunday. The parade of cars begins around 12:30, when all of the vehicles in the show will drive around for the fans. While this isn’t your average car show, it would probably be the most interesting.

This Annual Nude Car Show has 100% chance of a Chevy Corvette

It can be hard to imagine what sort of drive might go to an annual Nude Car Show, but there are a few vehicles that will be in attendance. There will be at least one red Chevrolet Corvette if not two or three. A yellow or silver one is also possible, as data says it is the most expensive color. Some old Ford trucks will probably be polished and ready for voting.

To hazard another guess, Chevrolet C10 trucks, Chevy BelAir sedans, and a 1970 Chevelle SS will likely be in attendance. Automotive shows tend to have a good mix of old and new, but a show like this in Wisconsin will probably offer more classic cars than modern variations.

This is the 33rd year of the Valley View Nude Car Show, so the competition could be fierce. Long-running shows sometimes have vehicles that take home the same award every year, which can get repetitive.

Chicago is home to the oldest automotive show

The first car show was not a nude car show
Auto Show in Chicago Coliseum | George R. Lawrence/Library of Congress/Corbis/VCG via Getty Images

After 33 years, the VVRC Nude Car Show is one of the longest-running shows around. However, the Chicago Auto Show is over 100 years old. According to TimeOut, the Chicago Auto Show was one of the first auto shows on record. This was held on March 23–30, 1901, inside the Coliseum exposition hall on Wabash Avenue.

Some vehicles on display at these events include Packard, Columbia, and Winton. Even though not many people had cars at the time, the event was invitation only for some 20,000 families in the area.

Even if you don’t plan on attending the nude car show, the show season is coming up. If you are interested, there is probably one to attend locally; just Google “car shows near me.” A nude auto show will be harder to come by, but that’s probably OK. Having too many just saturates the calendar of events.


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