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With 1,500 hp and a manual transmission, the Trans Am Worldwide 70/SS is the real deal. It’s just not the real deal from Chevrolet. This 1970 Chevelle SS knockoff’s styling was fashioned over the Camaro platform. So it has muscle car looks and performance but with the latest ride, handling, and technology. Actually, 1970s muscle cars never came with anything even close to 1,500 hp. 

What is this Chevy Chevelle 70/SS knockoff based on?

A black Trans Am Worldwide 70/SS convertible with white racing stripes
Trans Am Worldwide 70/SS | TAW

Trans Am Worldwide is the same company that makes the Bandit Trans Am and 455 Super Duty Trans Am. Those were also built around the GM Alpha convertible Camaro platform. But that was an easier transformation because the Pontiac Firebird and Chevy Camaro were mostly the same through the years. 

However, turning a new Camaro into something akin to a 1970 Chevelle means changing every body panel. And while the drivetrain will surely be a great selling point, the Chevy 70/SS exterior will drive sales. That’s why it took seven years to develop the Chevelle SS.

How many 70/SS cars will Trans Am Worldwide make?

A green Trans Am Worldwide 70/SS convertible with tan racing stripes
Trans Am Worldwide 70/SS | TAW

“Our engineers and technicians have invested thousands of hours to reimagine this automotive icon on a modern platform,” Trans Am Worldwide co-founder Tod Warmack says. “We did it in a way that pays the strongest possible tribute to one of the most popular models of the muscle car era.”

Initially, 25 70/SS examples will have this engine package.

That package is a GM 6.2-liter LT-1 with 450 hp or an LS6/X 454 with 1,500 hp to the rear wheels. Later, a 396 performance option will also be available. All engine options will have a manual or automatic transmission. 

How close is this 70/SS to the original 1970 Chevy Chevelle?

Trans Am Worldwide 70/SS engine
Trans Am Worldwide 70/SS | TAW

The front end mimics the original Chevelle well, starting with round LED headlights. The front bumper gets a bit blocky, and the lower valance is the same, but we can live with that, given the effort. The optional chrome bumpers go a long way to mask the hard-edged pieces. 

Of course, a cowl induction hood is there. And the hard break in the side sheet metal, a Chevy styling cue found on many of its cars in this period, is there. Also worked into the fenders is the Chevelle’s soft bubble form over the wheel openings. Though the 1970 Chevelle was a refresh of the 1968 model, this was a distinctive feature starting in 1970.

The lower sills tuck in hard, as was a signature GM feature of the era. And the 70/SS’s taillights and rear styling ape the Chevelle well, though it could use a bit of softening. However, especially from a distance, it looks very good. With the high H-point of the Camaro, this knockoff lends itself to the chunky Chevelle design. 

Trans Am Worldwide 70/SS interior
Trans Am Worldwide 70/SS | TAW

Inside Trans Am Worldwide’s 70/SS, the cabin stays pretty close to the Camaro’s interior. A few touches and accents tie in the Chevelle theme. And a Hurst shifter, Corvette steering wheel, and leather seats add more features. The company will offer both original colors from 1970 and modern three-stage paint. 

Pricing for the 70/SS starts at $150,000. Options will increase the cost. Trans Am Worldwide is taking orders now.