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If you’re planning to skip the airport this holiday season and are going to take a nice long road trip instead, then it’s important to pay attention to the weather. Many parts of the U.S., like Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan are slated to get hit with snowstorms this winter and if you happen to be driving through those parts, then you could get stuck in the snow.

In that extreme case, it can be a lifesaver if you’re properly prepared. In addition to loading all of your bags, kids, and pets into the car, take some time to load these seven emergency products as well.

1. A first-aid kit

A picture of the Swiss Safe First Aid Kit
Swiss Safe First Aid Kit | Amazon

It’s always a good idea to keep a first-aid kit in your car, no matter what time of year it is. In case you get into an accident and receive any cuts or bruises, a small first-aid kit – like this one from Swiss Safe – comes with a variety of bandages, alcohol prep pads, gauze, an ice pack, and more. Best of all, these kits come in a handy carrying case that’s easy to store in your car.

2. A portable jump starter

a picture of the Shell SH912 Jump Starter Kit
Shell SH912 Jump Starter Kit | Joe Santos, MotorBiscuit

In case your car batteries when you’re stuck in the snow, or any other location, then a portable jump starter can be a lifesaver, literally. All you have to do is hook the starter up to your car’s battery terminals and then start the car. There’s no need for another car or clumsy jumper cables. If you need a recommendation, then we recommend the Shell SH912 jump starter.

3. Thermal blankets

Swiss Thermal Blanket
Swiss Thermal Blanket | Amazon

If you end up getting stranded in your car during a freak snowstorm, then you’ll need all of the warmth that you can get. A thermal blanket – like this one from Swiss Safe – can keep you and your family warm thanks to dual-sided aluminized mylar, which can retain up to 90% of your body heat, reports USA Today.

4. An ice scraper and brush

Ice scraper and snow brush combo
Ice scraper and snow brush combo | Amazon

If you live in a snow state, then you probably already have an ice scraper and snow brush handy, but if not, then it’s a good idea to get one before you set out. Snow and ice can build up easily on your car’s windows, but a snow brush and ice scraper can easily clear it. Fortunately, this tool comes as a combination and can be purchased online, in stores like Walmart, or even at gas stations. 

5. A compact snow shovel

SubZero Emergency Shovel
SubZero Emergency Shovel | Amazon

If the snow really starts to fall heavily, then you may need to dig your car out with a snow shovel. In that case, be sure to buy a small snow shovel, like this extendable SubZero emergency shovel, to get you out of the snowiest situations.

6. A water bottle or jug

A water jug being filled with water
A water jug being filled | Wikimedia Commons

In case you do get caught in the snow, then you’ll need to make sure that you have enough water. Make sure to pack a water bottle filled with fresh drinking water or even a couple of jugs in case you need them.

7. Non-perishable food

A close-up of a protein bar
A close-up of a protein bar | Wikimedia Commons

This goes along with the last tip; packing non-perishable foods can help get you through a snowstorm. If you’re stranded on the side of the road, you could easily get hungry, so it can be helpful to pack some snacks like protein bars, granola, or cereal, which can sustain you and your family through hours of waiting.

How can I possibly keep all of this stuff in my car?

While this might sound like a lot of stuff to fit into the trunk of your vehicle, it’s not. Most of the emergency products listed here are small and can easily fit in a duffel bag that you can throw in the trunk. If anything, we recommend keeping everything together so it’s not all rolling around the cargo area or getting mixed up with anything of your other stuff.