You’re Missing These Crucial Items In Your Car’s Emergency Kit

All over the country, we are seeing weather-related tragedies, but in some places, these cold conditions are an average harsh winter. Regardless of where you live, planning for the worst-case scenario can save you and your passengers’ lives, and all it takes is a bit of forethought. Most of us have the essentials, like flashlights, some type of kit to repair a flat tire or replace it with a spare, and maybe even a stash of bandaids or napkins, but there could be some crucial items missing from your car’s emergency kit.

A stocked first aid kit

If you check out many lists online, they might give you a pretty extensive list of things to keep in your car — and it can be pretty overwhelming and space-consuming. The best way to make sure you have all of the first aid items you might need is to invest in an actual first aid kit. While some kits vary in what they supply, starting with the basics like bandaids and antibiotic ointment, and moving up to tools like tweezers and scissors, is a good way to start. You don’t have to buy the fanciest, most expensive kit on the market, but having everything you could need in case of an emergency is crucial.

A basic first aid kit featuring bandaids, scissors, and basic medicine.
First Aid Kit | BSIP/UIG, Getty Images)

Getting back on the road

While not all emergencies leave you unable to move your car, having some basic items in your car can help you get back on the road — which can be incredibly useful when the nearest tow is over an hour away. Jumper cables are the obvious emergency item of choice, but they only really help if you have the kindness of a stranger to jumpstart your car. Instead, there are plenty of affordable battery backs and jump-starts that come equipped with more than a few useful tools. Look for a jump-started that has an air compressor to help fill your tires, USB ports to charge cellular devices, and you’ll have quite a handy all-in-one tool that can get you back on the road.

Emergency jumper cables and a tire pressure gauge.
A tire pressure gauge is included in most roadside emergency kits | SimeonDonov/iStock/Getty Images

Prepare for any weather

Chances are you aren’t going to separate your winter emergency kit from your summer emergency kit — and there’s really no need to. But, there are some items that are more useful in some weather than others. Sunscreen can help protect your skin if you end up stranded. A blanket can keep you warm in colder temperatures, help you dry off like a towel, and also be used as a source of shade or sun protection. Then, of course, the obvious survival basics like water and high protein, high carb snacks that won’t spoil.

Emergency Roadside Kits
Emergency Roadside Kits | Sergei Chuzavkov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Keeping a Winter Emergency Kit in Your Car Could Save Your Life