Don’t Expect People to Stop Renting RVs in 2021

The RV rental business is experiencing dramatic fluctuations. Due to a surge in the popularity of the camper business, both sales and rentals of the Recreation Vehicle (RV) saw unprecedented success in 2020. In fact, this vacation trend isn’t likely to lose much momentum any time soon. Don’t expect people to stop renting RVs in 2021.

According to TravelPulse, a new study shows positive projections for millennials and Generation X. RV rentals are also expected to see good numbers from Baby Boomers as well. It’s certainly looking as if the success of the camper business will carry over into 2021 as well.

How much is renting an RV for a week?

The price for renting an RV for a week can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. According to The Wandering RV, nightly prices for RV rentals can cost anywhere from around $50 – $500 per night. If you do rent an RV, you’ll definitely want to do your research. Some will require you to tow with your own vehicles. Other RV models are drivable.

People camping in a 4x4 Toyota Landcriuser with a roof tent and Mercedes Sprinter James Cook edition RV camper van near the thermal lake Kalameny
RV campers | Michal Fludra/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Regardless of which RV or camper you decide is right for you, the price will also range depending on the age and condition of the RV. Obviously, the older more worn model in the RV rental business will cost less than the brand new state-of-the-art examples. Prices range wide enough, however, to fit into most budgets.

Is an RV cheaper than a hotel?

For many, buying an RV may not in fact prove cheaper than staying in hotels on vacations. However, renting is a great option for those that want to save money on vacation. You can rent smaller, older RV models for low prices per night. Plus, you’ll have the ability to bring and cook your own food, which allows for saving money on eating out.

A camper van travels from the England to Wales over Bigsweir Bridge which spans the River Wye between Wales and England
A camper van RV | Matthew Horwood/Getty Images

Little things can add up such as fuel. Still, renting an RV has potential for families that want to go on trips and save a little money. Just be prepared for possible fees for parking and hookups, park entries, etc.

The camper business is still booming

2020 saw a massive influx of RV rental and sales popularity. The camper business is still booming. In fact, it was projected that Thor Industries had millions of dollars worth of backlogged production lined up for 2021 already.

A pickup tows a fifth-wheel RV trailer around a bend in the road.
Truck towing 5th wheel RV cruises to a recreation area | Universal Images Group via Getty Images

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On PR Newswire, renting an RV isn’t a trend that we should expect to see slowing down. 2021 should be another bumper year for the camper business. Renting an RV has hardly been more popular. It’s a great way to avoid hotels during the pandemic and still travel while social distancing is in order.

Overall, sales and rentals are still trending upward when it comes to RVs and the camper RV rental business. If you are hoping to save a little and get out and explore, you may be one of the folks who plans on joining the trend in the coming months. If you are an RV owner, you may want to look into what it takes to rent out your RV. It’s shaping up to be a profitable endeavor.