The Winnebago Hike Is a Top 10 RV of 2021

In the RV industry for decades, Winnebago is a top-rated, beloved brand. When the company broke into the towable market, everyone expected the same quality and dependability of the manufacturer’s motorhomes. Winnebago did not disappoint. It succeeded with travel trailers and became a huge hit with adventurers looking for a high-quality camper.

The recent release of the Winnebago Hike was no different. This stylish and functional travel trailer makes outdoor adventures easier than ever. The Hike’s unique features and off-the-grid capabilities have earned it a spot among the top 10 RVs for 2021. 

The Hike is an award-winning camper

RVBusiness included the Winnebago Hike in its “Top 10 2021 RVs.” This travel trailer is built for the outdoor adventurer who enjoys going off the beaten path.

With its off-road appearance and off-the-grid features, the Winnebago Hike is making its name known in the growing towable market. The Hike’s convenient floor plans and dry weights, ranging from 3,260 to 4,360, make it towable by SUVs or half-ton trucks that adventure seekers already own. With all the innovative features and desirable specs packed into the Hike, it isn’t surprising it made the 2021 list. 

Top specs of the Winnebago Hike

Winnebago towables are designed with users in mind. The Hike is available in five floorplans to fit individual needs. Having this many options under 4,500 pounds and 25 feet makes the Hike a top-rated RV for first-time campers and veterans alike. Taller individuals can comfortably walk around inside, with an interior height of 6’5″. All models come equipped with a streetside slide-out to allow more room inside the camper when you arrive at your destination. The Hike’s power awning with LED lighting makes setting up your outdoor living space a breeze.

This Winnebago Hike is ready for solar panels and Wi-Fi integration for the ultimate glamping experience. The Hike’s 37-gallon freshwater tank capacity ensures you can easily dry-camp when you want. With all models sleeping three or four people comfortably, the Hike makes the ideal camper for families, friends, or couples looking to enjoy the great outdoors.  

Innovative features for an off-the-grid experience


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The Winnebago Hike packs in the features, making it one of the ultimate travel trailers for your outdoor getaways. It boasts the following:

Patented exoskeleton

The Hike’s patented exoskeleton is one of its most notable features. The metal racks line the fiberglass front, roof, and rear to make toting your outdoor toys more convenient without taking up precious storage space. With this innovative feature from Winnebago, never leave behind your bikes or kayaks because you think you won’t have enough space. 

Off-road capabilities 

This travel trailer offers tons of features that make going off the beaten path a breeze. The off-road tires, offset wheels, rugged fenders, and lifted ride height prepare the Winnebago Hike to handle the toughest terrain. 

Multi-use front storage

The durable and convenient front storage is perfect for storing your gear. The Hike’s storage box offers space for a battery, LP tanks, and the essentials for a worry-free trip. 

Modern interior 

Winnebago campers are known for their sleek style, and the Hike is no different. It features clean lines, quality furnishings, and a bright, inviting natural color scheme. Glamp in style with this travel trailer.

With the growing trend of RVing, the Winnebago Hike could be the travel trailer that makes your dreams of on-the-road adventure a reality.