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For most automakers these days, if a potential customer asks if the vehicle they’re looking at has Android Auto, the answer had best be yes, or they may lose out on a sale. Or a few thousand. The days when automakers could push out cheap cars with few technology features are quickly becoming a thing of the past. 

Unfortunately, the Nissan Pathfinder does not have Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Whether this impacts the Pathfinder’s sales remains to be seen, but considering the price and the lack of technology, it’s not looking good for the Japanese automaker. Here are a few facts about what technology the Nissan Pathfinder does have and Android Auto. 

Why Android Auto is important to buyers

One of the great things about Android Auto is that it’s always updating and evolving. Whether it’s one specific app you love or the entire system, the designers behind Android Auto are constantly looking for new ways to make it safer and better.

Take the alerts feature, for example. According to the Droid Guy, Google makes sure you only get the alerts that are important while you’re driving. While you may be thrilled to find out your best friend is now ‘Facebook official’ with her soulmate, you don’t actually need to know that while your slowly cruising through a work zone full of men and women trying to repair our roads.

At the same time, you definitely need to know if the road ahead has been closed, and what the best route is to get you home faster. There are some other great features like Pandora and Spotify that many drivers can’t live without now that they’re used to it, and it’s nice to be able to talk to your loved ones without trying to hold a phone and drive. 

Speaking of which, while some may argue that having infotainment systems is dangerous and leads to distracted driving, AAA disagrees. According to a recent report released by the automotive safety advocate, both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay drastically decrease the chance of a wreck.

Part of this is due to the ability to use voice commands as opposed to the old days when you had to fumble for buttons. It’s not recommended that you use your Android Auto frequently while driving your vehicle, but it’s still preferable to some of the apps put out by automakers.

It wasn’t a great choice for Nissan to skip out on such great technology that most people come to expect, especially since the starting price is $31,860. Let’s take a look at what Nissan is offering for that price range, and if it’s truly worth it.

Other technology in the Nissan Pathfinder

Before we begin to discuss the technology Nissan does offer, keep in mind that the Pathfinder has gone through a lot of changes, and is more comfortable on the city streets than on muddy mountain trails. If you’re looking for a rugged vehicle to go mudding or camping in, this is definitely not the vehicle for you.

There are some cool features offered on the Nissan Pathfinder, so it’s not a total dud. For example, it has radar cruise control. According to Autobytel,

“The key component behind radar cruise control is electronic perception gained through either a ground-level laser or radar device mounted on the vehicle’s front end either underneath the bumper or behind the grille.”

Autobytel added, “Radar can not only penetrate more easily through lower visibility conditions such as light fog and snowfall but can more reliability measure distances to other vehicles.”

AutoTrader reports that other great features include an 8-inch color display, Bluetooth, six USB ports, and two 12-volt power outlets. Still, this isn’t the same as having Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

While there are some drivers who don’t care about technology and might appreciate the simplicity of the Pathfinder, most drivers will choose to go with the more exciting 2020 Honda Pilot or the Toyota Highlander.