Does SCA Performance’s Black Widow F150 Have Any Bite?

There’s no shortage of trucks available from the factory for heavy off-roading. Ford has its F150 Raptor, Chevy has the Colorado ZR2 Bison, and Ram has the Rebel and Rebel TRX. But for some, the factory offerings aren’t quite enough, which is where the aftermarket comes in. Shelby, Roush, and PaxPower are just some of the tuners able to turn your Ford F150 into a heavy-duty off-roader. There’s even a Ford dealer in Kansas that can do the same. And now there’s SCA Performance, with its Black Widow F150.

The SCA Performance Black Widow F150

2020 SCA Performance Ford F150 Black Widow
2020 SCA Performance Ford F150 Black Widow | SCA Performance

Alabama-based SCA Performance doesn’t touch the Ford F150’s engine, beyond installing a stainless steel performance exhaust. Instead, the company focuses on prepping the truck for the trail.

The F150 gets a 6” suspension lift kit, with SCA’s own shocks. To strengthen the steering and suspension, SCA Performance installs new cross-members and reinforced steering knuckles. The truck also gets 20” wheels and 35” BFGoodrich KO2 T/A all-terrain tires.

Those large tires require fender flares, which are only the beginning of the exterior and interior mods. To help people get in the lifted truck, there are 5” oval side steps running from wheel to wheel.

2019 Ford F150 XLT Black Widow
2019 Ford F150 XLT Black Widow | Long McArthur Ford

The standard Black Widow F150 also gets tinted front windows, a hood vent, painted grille, Black Widow LED projector lights, and some SCA exterior badges and stripes. Inside, the F150 gets new embroidered headrests and painted interior trim.

But SCA Performance also offers some additional upgrades. These include a new front bumper with Rigid Industries off-road LED lights, more rock lights, and a 9500-lb winch. And, if the side steps weren’t enough, customers can also option powered running boards.

2020 Ford F250 Black Widow
2020 Ford F250 Black Widow | SCA Performance

SCA Performance also offers an F250 Black Widow with similar specs. The difference is the BFGoodrich tires are now 37”, powered running boards are standard, and the optional winch is rated for 12,000 lbs.

2020 SCA Performance Ford F150 limited-edition Black Widow
2020 SCA Performance Ford F150 limited-edition Black Widow | SCA Performance

Finally, there’s also a limited-edition SCA Performance Black Widow F150. While it still has a 6” lift kit, it gets King off-road racing shocks and 37” Mickey Thompson Baja Boss tires on 22” wheels. The limited-edition Black Widow F150 also gets the powered running boards as standard but gets special blue LED projector and rock lights, and a new leather interior.

SCA Performance’s F150 vs. the competition

As SCA Performance doesn’t modify the F150’s engine, in terms of outright speed, it’s not really a match for the Ram Rebel TRX, Ford’s or Roush’s Raptors, or Hennessey’s Goliaths. Instead, the Black Widow F150 is a closer match to Tuscany’s F150 Black Ops, PaxPower’s V8 Raptor, and AEV’s Ram-based Recruit.

2019 Ford F-150 Black Ops Edition
2019 Ford F-150 Black Ops Edition | Brown Lee Ford

Tuscany’s truck is arguably the closest in terms of spec. It also has a 6” suspension lift kit, 20” wheels, and 35” BFGoodrich tires. The interior and exterior mods are very similar, although the F150 Black Ops does get extra off-road LED lights as standard. However, Tuscany doesn’t list exactly where its off-road shocks come from.

PaxPower V8 Ford F-150 Raptor
PaxPower V8 Ford F-150 Raptor | PaxPower

PaxPower’s F150 Raptor conversion is arguably more comprehensive than SCA Performance’s. PaxPower uses OEM Raptor parts, which include the Fox suspension, skid plates, axles, brake lines, and so on. PaxPower also offers a supercharger package for its truck, something SCA Performance doesn’t. However, Car and Driver reports the F150 Raptor is only about 2” taller than the standard truck. In terms of pure ground clearance, the Black Widow’s better.

AEV Ram 1500 Recruit
AEV Ram 1500 Recruit | AEV

The AEV Recruit isn’t also quite as high as the Black Widow; it only gets a 4” lift. But in many ways, AEV goes further with its mods. In addition to the vented hood, the Recruit gets a new powder-coated steel bumper, skid plates, aluminum tow hooks/wear plates, and upgraded headlights. AEV also includes more provisions for off-roaders, like built-in auxiliary switches. However, AEV can only convert 2013-2017 Ram 1500s into Rebels, while SCA Performance can modify even the latest F150.


SCA Performance doesn’t list the Black Widow package’s pricing. However, as of this writing, Long McArthur Ford has one available based on a 2019 Ford F150 XLT with the 5.0-liter V8.

Without the Black Widow package, the truck’s MSRP would be $53,610. With the SCA Performance mods, though, the truck would normally retail for $76,105. Meaning, for the F150, the base Black Widow package costs $22,495. Similarly, for the F250 Black Widow Long McArthur also has in stock, the package costs $22,284.

2019 Ford F150 LM650 front
2019 Ford F150 LM650 front | Long McArthur Ford via Instagram

That’s only slightly less than Long McArthur’s LM650 package, which includes a 2” lift, a supercharger, and Fox shocks. But, while it’s about $7000 more than AEV’s Recruit package, it’s about $3000 less than PaxPower’s Raptor conversion.

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