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What you’re looking at is a conversion kit from an aftermarket company in Thailand. The conversion changes the front clip of the new Ford Ranger to one that looks like a Bronco. As you can see, it comes off rather well, at least to our eyes. This is somewhat of a natural fit since both the Bronco and Ranger ride on the same chassis, share many components, and come from the same assembly line. 

Which parts are Bronco, and which are Ranger?

2024 Ford Ranger with Bronco conversion parked in street
2024 Ford Ranger with Bronco conversion | TKK

The company is TNN Hypersport, and its Bronco conversion fits both Ranger and Ranger Raptor pickups. Both the Bronco grille and bumper come straight from Ford, while the hood and fenders are unique to the TNN Hypersport kit. The fender flared fenders are also part of the kit. They slightly square off the Ranger’s wheel openings instead of the stock Bronco and Ranger round ones.  

TNN also offers the same conversion for the Everest SUV. This is an SUV version of the Ranger, not in the U.S. When you see it, you’ll wish we did get it. However, it’s somewhat moot as we’ve got the actual Bronco SUV instead.

How much is the Ranger Bronco kit?

2024 Ford Everest with Bronco conversion front 3/4 view
2024 Ford Everest with Bronco conversion | TKK

Ford had plans to sell a Jeep Gladiator rival pickup version of the Bronco. Unfortunately, those plans are now on the shelf. It is unclear whether this is something Ford puts back on the front burner or will never see the light of day. With the two Bronco versions keeping things busy at the Wayne, Michigan, assembly plant, we can understand why Ford is holding back on any further iterations. 

But if you like the dichotomy of having a new Ranger with a Bronco front, TNN has what you need. It costs $4,200, and there is no cutting required-everything is a bolt-on. In all, this should be an easy conversion to pull off. 

Can you order this kit in the U.S.?

2024 Ford Ranger with Bronco conversion parked in street
2024 Ford Ranger with Bronco conversion | TKK

Ford Says Stop Driving 2023 Ranger and Bronco: The Wheels Can Come Off!

Shipping to and from Thailand is relatively easy, with FedEx and other shipping companies offering services. But we expect that this conversion is too juicy not to be in the works somewhere in the States. And, honestly, retaining the round wheel openings helps to sell the Bronco pickup look a bit better, not that we don’t like the TKK version.

Anyway, when a conversion looks like it came from the factory that way, it usually signals that it will be a hit. The new Ranger isn’t exactly flying off dealer’s lots. This would be a great way for Ford to spice up Ranger sales, though we doubt it would do this. And it makes for a more distinctive fascia than the Ranger’s rather generic front end. Just saying…