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It’s a truck-eat-truck world out there, so we can understand why the Ford Bronco is jumping on Ford Ranger production. The Bronco is thriving as the Ranger struggles, creating an opportunity in the Ford jungle. As the 2023 Ford Ranger fades, the 2023 Ford Bronco steals its resources. 

The 2023 Ford Bronco takes 2023 Ford Ranger production 

The 2023 Ford Bronco is higher up on the food chain than the 2023 Ford Ranger, and it’s in higher demand. As Ford Authority notes, the Ranger is a lame duck that hasn’t been doing so well. 

Meanwhile, the production of the Bronco can hardly keep up with demand. That’s why Bronco Production has been favored over the Ranger. Both vehicles are manufactured at the Michigan Assembly plant, and more resources are going to the Bronco. 

In January 2023, the Ranger produced 3,222 models, while the Bronco cranked out 8,283 models. This trend continued during the entire first quarter, with 11,500 Ranger models and 32,430 Bronco models rolling off the line. 

Retail order banks closed for the Ranger back in January, and production of the Limited Splash Edition came to close a few weeks ago. However, the order books for the 2023 Bronco reopened as Ford tries to catch up on a backlog of orders by 2024. 

Why are Ranger sales declining? 

Interest in the 2023 Ford Ranger has been dropping pretty quickly. The Ranger sold about 11,500 units in the first quarter of 2023, which is a 34.80% decrease compared to the first quarter of 2022. 

During the first quarter of 2022, it moved 17,639 models. That’s not a thrilling number, but it’s more respectable. It only beat the GMC Canyon, which had 5,016 sales. But we’re sure each truck wants to be up there with the Toyota Tacoma, which has 53,182 sales for the first quarter. 

It’s possible that people are waiting for the 2024 Ford Ranger to drop. It’s technically the first new Ranger since 2011, when the model was introduced globally. It came to America in 2011. 

However, the next-generation Toyota Tacoma is right around the corner, and people are still going for the current model. 

While the Ranger is praised for being an affordable work truck, having a stout engine, and for being reliable, it does have several issues to correct. 

For example, the 2023 Ranger has a pretty rough ride. The suspension isn’t the most capable of soaking up imperfections and can make people carsick. Plus, the rear seat is cramped, and storage space is limited. 

The Ranger might seem dated regarding tech, and the controls can be frustrating. They’re difficult to read and don’t always respond well. 

How many 2024 Ranger orders are there? 

The 2024 Ford Ranger on the road
2024 Ford Ranger | Ford

The order books open for the 2024 Ford Ranger on May 26. So we will see in a few weeks if the new model helps the Ranger steal sales from rivals. With enough interest, it could take production capacity back from the Ford Bronco. 

Some Bronco models, like the Everglades trim, have been discontinued to make way for the new Ranger. But the next-generation Ranger isn’t expected to enter production until August, leaving the Bronco more time to catch up. 

However, what if the new Ranger bombs? What if people continue picking alternatives like the Toyota Tacoma? Stay tuned for the latest updates to see if the new Ranger is a hit or miss.