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Regarding the realm of American muscle cars, the Dodge Challenger and Ford Mustang stand as enduring icons. Renowned for their powerful engines, distinctive designs, and rich history in the automotive landscape, both these cars appeal to enthusiasts seeking an adrenaline-fueled driving experience. In this comparison, we’ll delve into various aspects of the used Dodge Challenger and Ford Mustang, aiming to aid prospective buyers in making an informed choice.

Head-to-head muscle car comparison

Here is a head-to-head comparison of the 2018 Dodge Challenger and the 2018 Ford Mustang, according to U.S. News.

2018 Dodge Challenger2018 Ford Mustang
Average used price$28,208$25,701
Engine type/sizeRegular unleaded V6Intercooled turbo premium unleaded I-4
Horsepower/torque305 hp/268 lb-ft310 hp/350 lb-ft
TransmissionAutomatic w/ODManual w/OD
0-60 mph acceleration4 to 6.5 seconds4 seconds
Top speed182 mph157 mph
Fuel economy19-30 mpg21-31 mpg

Dodge Challenger: A glimpse of muscle heritage

The Dodge Challenger, a quintessential muscle car, is a shining example of the glory days of American muscle. It harkens back to the 1970s in terms of design, capturing the essence of classic muscle cars while boasting modern performance. The Challenger offers a range of powerful engines, ensuring a model suited for every adrenaline-hungry driver. It’s known for its spacious interior and comfortable ride, making it an excellent option for long drives. However, its larger size might pose challenges in tight spots, and its fuel efficiency is on the lower side compared to some rivals.

Challenger pros:

  • Powerful engine options with an array of choices.
  • Aesthetically reminiscent of classic muscle cars.
  • Comfortable and spacious interior.
  • User-friendly infotainment system.

Challenger cons:

  • Fuel efficiency
  • Its size can be a hindrance in maneuverability and parking.

Ford Mustang: An icon of sports car performance

The Ford Mustang is the epitome of American muscle with a rich history dating back to the 1960s. Known for its iconic design and a spectrum of powerful engines, the Mustang provides a thrilling driving experience. Its interior is stylish, offering modern tech features and good-quality materials. The Mustang also has a reputation for sharp handling and agility, making it an excellent choice for those who crave a blend of power and finesse. However, its rear seats are notably smaller, and the predicted reliability rating is poor.

Mustang pros:

  • Superb acceleration.
  • Good safety scores.
  • Precise handling and engaging driving experience.

Mustang cons:

  • Limited rear-seat space compared to competitors.
  • Poor predicted reliability rating

2018 Dodge Challenger vs. 2018 Ford Mustang: Driving and performance

Both vehicles offer exhilarating driving experiences but with distinct flavors. The Dodge Challenger emphasizes raw power and a comfortable ride, making it an excellent choice for long cruises. On the other hand, the Ford Mustang is known for its agility and sharp handling, providing a more dynamic and sporty ride.

2018 Dodge Challenger vs. 2018 Ford Mustang: Interior and tech

While both cars have modern interiors with tech features, the Ford Mustang stands out with its higher-quality materials and a more modern, driver-centric design. However, the Dodge Challenger offers a more spacious cabin and a more comfortable ride.

2018 Dodge Challenger vs. 2018 Ford Mustang: Trim levels and features

Both the Dodge Challenger and Ford Mustang offer various trim levels with distinct features and customization options. The Challenger provides a broader range of trims, catering to a wider audience, whereas the Mustang emphasizes performance-oriented trims.

Which used muscle car is the right fit for you?

The choice between the 2018 Dodge Challenger and the 2018 Ford Mustang ultimately depends on your preferences and priorities. If you value a classic aesthetic, a comfortable ride, and a broader range of engine choices, the Dodge Challenger might suit you. On the other hand, if you prioritize sharp handling, a modern interior, and a blend of performance and efficiency, the Ford Mustang could be your ideal choice. Consider your driving needs, style, and preferences to make an informed decision that best aligns with your expectations from a muscle car.