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When you see relics like this it makes you wonder if things were really better in the past? Looking at this 1950 Westcraft Manufacturing Capistrano Park trailer, you wouldn’t mind living in it. This dual-axle trailer was Westcraft’s top-of-the-line model, and one of the best from the early 1950s. And it could be yours.

The Westcraft Capistrano was extensively restored outside, and completely updated underneath

1950 Westcraft Manufacturing Capistrano Park trailer
1950 Westcraft Manufacturing Capistrano Park trailer | BAT

But it’s not cheap. The travel trailer has been extensively restored inside and out. Looking underneath, however, it is all modern. This was an 11-year project that included rebuilding both the body and insides. That included replacement of half of the aluminum body panels, repair or replacement of half of the birch wood panels inside, and upgrades to all of the wiring, plumbing, and appliances. 

Luxury features include a king-size bed, a retro-looking modern refrigerator, and an oven that matches the Capistrano’s interior. Two hidden TVs, and DuoTherm heating and air conditioning can be found hiding inside. The enlarged bathroom area now features a shower. Leather covers all of the seating. Found in the kitchen and bathroom are stainless steel countertop surfaces. 

The Westcraft Pullman roof gives over six-feet of standing room

1950 Westcraft Manufacturing Capistrano Park trailer interior
1950 Westcraft Manufacturing Capistrano Park trailer | BAT

A unique feature called a “Pullman roof” allows over six feet of standing room. Only the Capistrano model featured seven windows on each side of the roof. The restored tongue features two polished aluminum propane tanks with period fittings. Those old-growth knotty pine floors were removed, refinished, and reinstalled. 

Another nice touch is the green 1940s American Standard toilet that ties in with some of the other green appliances. New flushing mechanisms modernized it. And this also applies to the other equipment found throughout the restored trailer. Hidden behind cabinet doors are a microwave oven and water filtration system. 

The restoration took 11 years to complete

1950 Westcraft Manufacturing Capistrano Park trailer bed
1950 Westcraft Manufacturing Capistrano Park trailer | BAT

This owner purchased the Capistrano from a friend in 2008 in California. It had to have lived its life in a dry climate to have survived that long. Even though termites can wreak havoc on wood, the bones of this trailer were good for restoration. Trailer specialist Steven Butcher in Fillmore, California, performed the restoration. 

The current bid is $240,000 for the Westcraft Capistrano Park travel trailer on Bring-a-Trailer. As we said, it’s not cheap. Today, that amount would not be able to cover a restoration like this. With fewer and fewer artisans able to handle the different levels of restoration required, finished projects like this will become rarities in the future. 

Check out the video tour above to get a sense of the quality of the restoration and layout of the trailer. 


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