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RV sales have spiked due to COVID-19 as families desperate to get out of their homes take to the roads. If you’re in the market for a new RV to join the growing trend, you’re probably concerned about wasting your money on one that isn’t reliable. If that’s the case, you should check out a Coachmen.

Whether or not you own an RV, you’ve probably heard of Coachmen. It’s a staple of the camping world, and makes RVs accessible to the masses. Here is a brief history of Coachmen, and how it compares to its rivals.

Coachmen has come a long way in the RV industry

According to its website, Coachmen was founded in 1964, and has only grown over the years. It all started with the dream of three brothers in Middlebury, Indiana. The company began production in a 5,000 square foot plant, and only managed to build 12 travel trailers, a single truck camper and, and 80 truck caps in that first year.

Since then, things have grown exponentially. Coachmen has produced over 750,000 Coachmen RVs. It has been bought and sold by a few companies since then, but remains a trusted name in the industry.

Given the fickle nature of the auto industry, this is quite the history. There have been plenty of companies with far more promise that have gone under due to a bad vehicle or two that failed to impress consumers.

Coachmen not only continues to remain at the top of the RV pack, but the quality of its vehicles is growing. It’s also flourishing in a time when other companies are struggling to keep their doors open.

Coachmen has a strong reputation for reliability

Taking care of an RV is different than taking care of a car, so if you’re new to the RV realm, it’s more important than ever to pick one that is known for its reliability.

That’s why Coachmen is both a great pick for those new to the RV life and those who have been cruising the countryside in one for years now.

Many companies have long, drawn-out mission statements that are both repetitive, boring, and painful to read. By the time you’re done reading, you’re unsure of what you’ve read because it’s so convoluted. Coachmen has a simple motto that states, “Dedicated to the enrichment of your life.”

It doesn’t get more plain than that. Things aren’t always perfect, however. According to RV Reviews, not all Coachmen RVs are reliable. This is apparently due to Coachmen’s desire to make RVs accessible to everyone, and some of the cheaper models are considered less than worthy by some reviewers. 

Still, you get what you pay for. If you don’t invest a ton of money into a vehicle, it only makes sense it won’t be in the same class as a more expensive one. That’s why you should research individual models before committing to buying a new RV. 

How does Coachmen compare to other RVs?

RVs parked at a lot by the ocean
RV campers in a beachside parking lot | ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images

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Coachmen is at the top of the list when compared to other RV manufacturers such as Keystone, Grand Design, and Heartland. According to Reliable RV,

“This brand has been manufacturing RVs since 1964, and they have an excellent reputation for reliability. Their Leprechaun Class C Motorhome has been in production since 1973, and it has been the epitome of reliability and quality RV experiences since then.”

RV recalls are ruining some owners’ summer plans, but Coachmen thankfully isn’t on the list. Gulf Stream, Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation, and Ford Transit units have been subject to problems that include the axle, rear-mounted Power Distribution Module (PDM), and airbags.

It says a lot that Coachmen has managed to stay relevant for 56 years. Not only does it continue to maintain its reputation for reliability, but it manages to put out modern, attractive RVs as well. Here’s hoping that Coachmen continues to put out some great RVs that will continue to draw in consumers for years to come.