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  • Chevy Spark production stops in August, 2022
  • There’s plenty of cheap used cars, like the Honda Fit, for under the Spark’s MSRP
  • We used the Spark 1LT’s $15,500 as a budget and found used car gold

Chevrolet has killed the cheapest car in America. The Chevy Spark, the Bowtie Brand’s smallest car, will end production in August of 2022. This comes after a decade in the brand’s lineup. Chevy apparently isn’t looking at building a replacement and is instead bowing out of the small car segment altogether. So, we put together a list of used cars from across the board that you can buy for the cost of a middling Spark.

A silver Chevy Spark shot from the 3/4 angle on a city street
The Spark is dead now | Chevrolet

1. The Chevy Spark is dead, buy a Toyota Camry instead

A group of Toyota Camry sedans on a dealer lot circa 2014
The Toyota Camry is the obvious choice | Michele Eve Sandberg via Getty Images

Obviously, this list of used cars simply must start with the Toyota Camry. As an aside, our middling Chevy Spark comes out to $15,500, plenty of money for a used Toyota Camry. Even with used car prices skyrocketing, you can still find any number of gently used Toyota Camry models for right around $15,500. The Camry is a solid, dependable car with more useable space than the Chevy Spark, and it’s so good, we’d even take one over a new Spark.

2. Honda Accord

A 3/4 shot of a dark blue Honda Accord Hybrid
The Honda Accord is a family car for Spark money | Honda

Let’s keep it going with the obvious used car choices. The Honda Accord. Coming in just a hair larger than a Toyota Camry, a used Accord is great for those of you with kids. Honda offers ISOFIX mounts for two car seats in the rear and used Honda Accords around the $15K mark have plenty of safety features like blind-spot monitoring and advanced crash safety tech.

3. Toyota Corolla

A white Toyota Corolla shot from the front 3/4 on a canyon road
Toyota’s Corolla | Toyota

However, if you like the small size of a Chevy Spark, you’re kind of hurting for choices about now. Thankfully, the Toyota Corolla is basically just a smaller, cheaper Camry. Many of the same benefits can be found in the Corolla. However, note that there’s no Hybrid trim. Thankfully, the Corolla returns strong fuel economy across a number of model years. For example, a 2017 model manages 36 mpg on the highway.

4. Honda Civic

A white Honda Civic sedan shot from the front 3/4
Any number of Honda Civics can be found for the cost of a Spark | Honda

We’d be remiss not to include the Honda Civic. It’s a great car for the Average American Buyer. You really can’t go wrong with one. Like the Toyota Camry, it also offers a spread of trims across various model years, from sedans to hatchbacks, to hybrids. There’s a Honda Civic for everyone, and it’ll run till the sun burns out for under $15K.

5. The Honda Fit is a Spark-sized cheap used car

A black Honda fit, the Chevy Spark's closest competitor, shot from the 3/4 angle
The Honda Fit is roughly the same size as the Spark | Honda

But what if you just want something like a Chevy Spark? Thankfully, Honda still makes the Fit, and it’s just about the same size as the Spark. You enthusiasts can even have it in a slightly sportier trim level. Like the Spark, its size isn’t for everyone, but those who own them love them. Plus, it’s got a monopoly on the small hatch segment now.


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