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Like a lot of other automakers, Chevrolet has made a commitment to going electric, and the Bolt is one of the company’s first, mass-market EVs. The Chevy Bolt has been a remarkable EV for a while now, and a lot of that has to do with the fact that it’s been on the news for a variety of reasons. As far as good news goes, the Chevy Bolt has been doing a sort of comeback tour, and that’s helped make it a very successful EV. 

Chevy killed the Bolt, but then decided to keep the Bolt around

Earlier in 2023, Chevy announced that it would kill the Bolt by the end of the year. This was met with a lot of sad reactions from owners and fans, as the Bolt occupied a somewhat unique segment of being an affordable EV. At around the same time as this announcement, Chevy also gave the Bolt a significant price cut. 

Those factors, and others, helped drive up Bolt sales in America. Perhaps as a reaction to the Chevy EV’s strong sales, or perhaps as a response to the uproar from Bolt fans, Chevy ultimately decided in late July that the Bolt would not be killed off. Instead, a next generation of the Bolt will take the place over the current one.  

The Chevy Bolt has also been selling well in Canada this year

That should be good news for EV shoppers in not only America, but also Canada. Like its southern neighbor, Bolt sales in Canada have also been strong this year. According to GM Authority, the Bolt is actually selling better than most of GM’s lineup right now. In the first half of the year, GM has sold 6,871 units of the Bolt in Canada. That makes it the fourth best-selling GM vehicle in the country.

The three GM cars that are selling better than the Bolt in Canada aren’t that surprising. Just like in America, GM’s most popular offerings in Canada are trucks. The GMC Sierra is the most popular, as the company has sold 30,642 units in Canada in the first half of the year. The Sierra is followed by its cousin, the Chevy Silverado, which had 27,477 units sold. 

In third place is the GMC Terrain, and the company has sold 6,895 units of the SUV. That’s only 24 more units than the Bolt has sold so far this year. This means that, if the Bolt’s comeback story continues, then it can become the third best-selling GM car in Canada by the end of the year. Every other GM model, including ones that are popular in the U.S., such as the Yukon or the Tahoe, are selling worse than the Bolt right now.

Overall, 2023 has been a great year for the Chevy Bolt

The fact that the Bolt went from a car that was about to be discontinued to a car that was given a new lease on life is a good story in of itself. What makes the Bolt’s story even better is how much the little EV has struggled in recent years. In particular, the Bolt was hit by massive recalls that affected every single Bolt that was ever made. 

Those recalls were related to some severe issues too, so naturally, the Bolt received a lot of bad press. On top of that, Chevy, like any other automaker, dealt with supply chain issues that made it hard to build Bolts as well as deliver them to customers in a timely manner. Despite all of those problems though, the Bolt remained an affordable and solid EV that weathered the storm and survived to succeed. 


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