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Buying a car has the potential to be one of the most significant expenses an American will undertake. While it’s a well-known fact that the cost of a vehicle can vary significantly across the country, what might come as a surprise is where the most budget-friendly automotive deals reside. Check out some of the cheapest places to buy cars in America, like the metro area surrounding Cleveland and Cincinnati, Ohio. 

What are the cheapest places to buy cars in the U.S.?

While you might not expect it, the best metro areas to buy cars in the U.S. are scattered throughout the country, save for the top two spots. The No. 1 and No. 2 best places in the country to buy a used car are the Cleveland and Cincinnati metro areas. 

City and stateAverage used car price
Cleveland, Ohio$31,458
Cincinnati, Ohio$31,622
Norfolk, Virginia$31,901
Fresno, California$31,912
Orlando, Florida$31,971

According to the latest data from iSeeCars, the average price for a used car nationwide is roughly $34,227. However, the most expensive places in the country to buy a used car demand closer to $38,000, like the $37,632 average in West Palm Beach, Florida. 

Are car prices cheaper in Ohio?

An Ohio lot around Cincinnati or Cleveland shows off its supply of pickup trucks.
Chevrolet trucks on a lot in Ohio | Ty Wright/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The Cleveland-Akron metro area currently has the lowest average used car price of any city in the country. At $31,458, Cleveland is around $2,769 and 8.1% below the national average for used cars. 

Beyond Cleveland, Cincinnati took the No. 2 spot, demanding about $164 more than its fellow Ohio metro area. While that’s a bit higher than Cleveland, Cincinnati is still 7.6% under the national average. 

Which cars are cheaper in Ohio?

Of course, it’s not every vehicle; used trucks boast the most significant savings in the Buckeye State. Of the popular models with the lowest average used car prices, the RAM 1500, Ford F-150, and GMC Sierra 1500 are the most affordable in Ohio. 

Make and modelAverage price
RAM 1500$39,364
Ford F-150$38,955
GMC Sierra 1500$44,208

While $44,208 might seem steep for a GMC Sierra 1500 compared to the national average for used cars, that same truck could cost as much as $51,324 in Salem, North Carolina. 

Are cars more expensive in Virginia?

Virginia’s Norfolk-Portsmouth-Newport News metro area ranked No. 3 in the country for the most affordable used cars. Specifically, the area surrounding Norfolk was 6.8% below the national average. That’s good news for Virginia-bound car buyers who want to save $2,000 or more compared to other American cities.

What city in California is best to buy a car?

Areas in California are some of the cheapest places to buy cars in the country.
A Toyota lot in California | David Paul Morris, Bloomberg via Getty Images

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The Fresno-Visalia area of California took the No. 4 spot among nationwide cities and metro areas for the cheapest used cars. Moreover, at $31,912, the Fresno area is around $2,315 shy of the national average. 

Is Orlando the best place in Florida to buy a car?

Orlando didn’t just take the top spot for the best places in Florida to buy a used car; it took the No. 5 spot in the nation. That’s right; the Orlando-Daytona Beach area has a typical used car price of $31,971, about $2,256 less than the national average. 

However, several popular models proved less expensive in the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale portion of Florida rather than Daytona Beach or Orlando. Surprisingly, the Toyota Tacoma, Chevrolet Malibu, Chevrolet Silverado, Honda Civic, and Jeep Wrangler all showed the lowest national used car prices in the area around Ft. Lauderdale.

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