Car Manufactures May Be Delaying Production of 2021 Models

The year 2020 hasn’t quite shaped up the way many of us thought it would. The world seems to be unrested, with fires, viruses, and social injustice across the world. Yep, some might say that 2020 altogether is a wash, and with the months of completely stopped production from several car manufacturers due to the Coronavirus, you won’t be surprised to learn that the production of 2021 model year cars will most likely be delayed as well.

A late-summer tradition

We have become accustomed to seeing new model year cars hit the dealership lots about halfway through the year before the official production date. For many, that means we would be expecting 2020 model years to drop in price, and 2021 models to start hitting the streets by the end of this summer.

2021 Lexus LC 500 | Lexus-
2021 Lexus LC 500 | Lexus

Some car manufactures have already launched their 2021 models, such as Tesla with the long-awaited Model Y, and although we are expecting to see slower production and delayed sales you can already begin to preorder some cars.

The 2021 Ford F-150 makes the list of cars that are facing production delays, a stressful situation for Ford no doubt, as the F-150 is not only one of the best selling Ford vehicles but also one of the best selling trucks in the United States altogether.

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Ford isn’t the only manufacturer that will be seeing delays in a major vehicle’s production. Acura’s MDX, the Nissan Frontier, the Cadillac Escalade and so many more will suffer too, and undoubtedly the manufacturers have weighed the pros and cons to find that this delay could be damaging financially.

Delay in production

This doesn’t necessarily mean that all 2021 models will be delayed, and some manufacturers are still pushing to release the next year’s cars as close to schedule as possible. The 2021 model years were supposed to feature some major redesigns for cars, a handful of which have yet to even be debuted.

2021 leaked BMW 4-Series showiong beaver fang grille with model
2021 leaked BMW 4-Series | BMW

Overall the Coronavirus has negatively impacted the economy in many ways, and car manufacturers and dealers are definitely suffering too. As restrictions lift and people begin to return to work and the dread phrase of the ‘new normal’ the economy will begin to reset itself, but it could take years before the auto industry recovers.

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Sale of new cars usually revolves around desire rather a necessity, where people are looking to get the best car that the can afford, and right now many dealerships are offering surprising rates just to entice buyers, but it’s hurting the industry at the same time.

This could also mean that the price of 2021 cars will be unexpected low as well to help improve sales, but only time will tell how true that may be. Regardless it doesn’t seem like many manufacturers have much of a choice, and while some may scramble to try and hit their original release dates many will be left to later in the year, or even the beginning of next year.