Car and Driver Says to Buy This Version of the GMC Canyon

Trucks have so many options and features these days, it’s hard to know exactly which build of a truck is the best combination to buy. But Car and Driver decided to do the hard work for you. Here’s the best version of the GMC Canyon, according to Car and Driver.

Engine choice

There’s only three engines available on the Canyon, and one of them, the standard 2.5-liter engine, is simply not good enough to compete with the other two. The two other engines that are available on the Canyon are the 2.8-liter diesel engine and the 3.6-liter V6 engine.

This is a tough race, as both engines are very good. The diesel engine is less powerful but more practical than the V6 is. The V6, which provides 308 hp, is significantly more powerful than the diesel is. However, the diesel, which provides significantly more torque, can tow more than the V6 can. The diesel can tow about 7,700 lbs while the V6 can tow about 7,000 lbs. The diesel is also slightly more fuel-efficient than the V6.

But ultimately, Car and Driver thinks that the V6 is the best engine option overall. Although the V6 can tow less, 7,000 lb is more than enough for most of what you’ll use a midsize truck for. The difference in fuel economy also wasn’t worth the additional $5,000 that the diesel engine added. Plus, the V6 was simply much faster than the diesel was.

Exterior options

A truck is nothing without its truck bed, and there are two bed options for the Canyon, a five-foot and a six-foot. Car and Driver chose the longer six-foot truck bed. This is mostly for practicality reasons because when the Canyon has the six-foot truck bed, it has the most cargo volume of all similarly sized trucks. Regardless of the length of the bed, the Canyon can carry about 1,600 lb of cargo in its bed.

Car and Driver also suggests the All Terrain trim for the Canyon. This trim includes exterior features, such as a cooler looking grille, but it also adds some interior features. The other main exterior option that Car and Driver talked about is the color of the paint. Car and Driver doesn’t suggest any color in particular, but it did note that white is the only color that’s free. For $200, you get a choice between black and red. For $500 or $600, you can choose from other colors.

Interior additions

The All Terrain trim adds several interior features to the Canyon. According to Car and Driver, these features include an HD back-up camera, heated and powered front seats, automatic climate control, and an 8.0-inch touchscreen. Finally, Car and Driver also recommends adding the Bose audio system option to the Canyon. This option will add a seven-speaker sound system to the truck, as well as an improved navigational system. 

In total, the combination of all of these features should cost you a little less than $41,000. These options, when combined, should provide a good balance between everything that a customer is looking for in a mid-sized luxury truck. Not only will the interior be comfortable and luxurious, but the truck itself will also be capable of doing anything you need a midsize truck to do. 

That said, Car and Driver mentioned that the upgraded audio system isn’t exactly necessary. If you want to keep your build under $40,000, then skip the Bose audio system option.