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The Ford F-150 has again claimed CNET’s ‘Best Truck Overall and Full-Size Truck’ of the year for 2022. Ford managed to snag the award in several ways, including new features, varied truck options, and advanced technology. With the stage set for more improvements, the Ford F-150 is the forerunner for this year’s ‘Best Truck Overall’ award.

A 2023 Ford F-150 driving down the road, which is one of the best full-size trucks of 2023.
Ford F-150 | Ford Media Center

2022 CNET award

CNET announced the 2022 CNET awards in August 2022. The resounding winner was the Ford F-150, the full-size truck with options for any driver. CNET’s reasoning behind handing Ford the award last year was simple, “It just works.”

The F-150 is available in three different cab options and bed lengths. Then you can choose four powerful gasoline engines, a hybrid, and the F-150 Lightning. But, even beyond these major basics, various options exist to customize the truck exactly how you want it.

Ford is set to continue its winning ways

Ford continues to place in features that no other company has incorporated, like the onboard generator, ensuring they will continue to be in first place for CNET’s awards. The F-150 boasts a higher towing capacity than other trucks of the same size, maxing out at 14,000-pound towing and hauling a whopping 3,325 pounds.

Still, Ford keeps adding more for the F-150 enthusiast to love, including Active Drive Assist. This technology allows the driver to relax their arms, releasing the wheel but ensuring the driver stays alert with an eye-tracking camera in the dash. So for a starting price of $31,685, your options for a massive full-sized truck with all the tech and gear you desire are not out of reach.

The 2023 F-150 comes standard with Driver Monitoring Alert, Ford Co-Pilot360, and lane Keep Alert technology. Upgrading options vary widely from bed packages to interior lighting and Remote Start options to panic alarms.

Additional add-ins include a larger gas tank, camera upgrades, speed control, and more. Towers and haulers will love the included towing equipment with trailer sway control and the 6,470-payload package.

It’s hard to deny that the F-150 is the best truck on the road, even if it never sees a hard day of work. Construction, weekend projects, traveling workers, and even weekend road warriors will have no issues with the toughness, comfort, and durability of an F-150.

The Ford F-150’s historic popularity

Even after winning several awards, some consumers want to know what it is about the Ford F-150 that makes it the popular choice. The answer is relatively easy to explain, starting with a long history of success proven by the several years, including 2021 and 2022, they have been awarded Truck of the Year.

Ford has made the F-150 easy to maintain, relatively fuel-efficient, and customizable for your needs. It outranks most other trucks in towing and hauling and maintains a user-friendly comfort and design. In addition, Ford builds the F-150s tough enough to withstand a day’s worth of punishment and still offer an enjoyable ride at the end of the day.

Since the 1917 debut of the Model TT, Ford has repeatedly proven that America needs a truck to work with them. By the release of the original F-150, the five generations before had already proven that Ford makes a top-notch truck for any situation. With the future release of an electric version, the future is only getting brighter for the F-150, America’s favorite truck.


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