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There’s almost nothing better than hitting the open road with your family, or even by yourself, and living the van life. Whether you’re looking to take a long vacation or want to go completely off the grid, a camper van can usually do the trick. Camper vans offer the type of versatility and practicality that’s manageable and can afford if you know what you’re looking for. If not, here is a buyer’s guide that includes the most common camper van brands.


An Airstream Safari travel trailer with a solar panel kit parked in Ojo Caliente, New Mexico
An Airstream Safari travel trailer with a solar panel kit parked in Ojo Caliente, New Mexico. | (Robert Alexander/Getty Images)

Known for its pricey, but iconic travel trailers, Airstream is a mainstay in the camper van business. Buyers have an array of choices when it comes to travel trailers as Airstream’s collection includes everything from a small teardrop-like “Basecamp” camper to a 33-foot “Classic” camper that sleeps up to five. The campers in this category can cost anywhere from $41,000 to $200,000 depending on how they’re customized.

Thor Motor Coach

2021 Tellaro camper van
2021 Tellaro camper van | Thor Motor Coach

Whether you’re looking for a smaller Class B camper van or a huge Class A motorhome, Thor Motor Coach has you covered. They have a large selection of Mercedes Sprinter and RAM ProMaster vans that come with a multitude of camping amenities to get you going on the road right out of the box.


Winnebago camper van
Winnebago camper van | Winnebago

If you have the extra cash to spend on a camper, then you can find everything you need in a Winnebago. This Iowa-based RV manufacturer has a line of camper vans that come at a steep price but are worth every penny. Even the entry model, Solis, which is priced at $100,000 offers amenities like a fold-out kitchen table, a murphy bed, and an innovative dinette.

Boho Campers

A converted RAM ProMaster van from Boho campers next to a desert
A converted RAM ProMaster van | Boho Campers

If you don’t have the money to purchase a camper van and would rather rent one instead, then Boho campers has you covered. Based in Arizona, this small camper van outlet rents out a myriad of camper vans that can fit a variety of budgets. However, if you do have the extra cash and want to buy one, then Boho Campers also has a selection of affordable campers (sub $100,000) to purchase.

Boulder Camper Vans

A modified Mercedes Sprinter van by Boulder Campervans
A modified Mercedes Sprinter van | Boulder Campervans

Based in Colorado, Boulder Camper Vans sells modified Mercedes Sprinters that are ready for the great outdoors. However, if you’re not ready to live that van life full time, then you can also rent a camper van from them.


Glampervan is based in California and builds camper vans out of Ram ProMaster vans. They’re heavy-duty, so they can easily serve their purpose on rough roads while providing a comfy space as your home or office on wheels.


A conveter camper van from TouRig
A conveter camper van | TouRig

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TouRig is another Colorado-based company that converts Mercedes Sprinters and Ford Transit vans into liveable campers, reports Gear Patrol. The vans that they produce are highly customizable and can fit the needs and budget of anyone looking to spend their lives outdoors.

There are plenty more camper vans

Aside from the aforementioned camper van brands and rental companies, there are plenty of other camper van outfits all over the U.S. Many regional-based companies like Vanlife Customs, StoryTeller Overland, and Texino are just a few outlets that can build, customize, sell, or rent out camper vans that fit all of your needs and your budget.

And if you’re mainly looking to hit the open road for a limited time to experience what Mother Nature has to offer, then sites like RVShare are a good resource for finding a camper rental near you or wherever your far-off destination is. Whether you’re looking to purchase or rent a camper, you can’t go wrong with the manufacturers and custom camper companies on this list.