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If you’ve seen a new Honda Ridgeline lately, you might have noticed that this mid-size truck can come with bronze wheels. In recent years, it seems like more and more vehicles are offering bronze wheels as an option. And, they do add a bit of flair, whether it be a sports car or a truck. So, how can you get bronze wheels on the 2022 Honda Ridgeline pickup?

Which Honda Ridgeline has bronze wheels?

If you want to equip bronze wheels to your mid-size Honda truck, you will need to opt for the HPD Bronze Package. This package is available for each Ridgeline model, and it has a cost of $2,800. Whether you are looking for a base Ridgeline or the top-trim Black Edition, the HPD Bronze Package adds a unique look to your pickup.

Because each 2022 Ridgeline can be equipped with the HPD Bronze Package, you can get it on whichever version you are shopping for. Of course, you will have to deal with adding the additional cost of adding the package. 

What is the HPD Bronze Package?

The HPD Bronze Package is a package that Honda offers to its mid-size truck. For the most part, it should be viewed as an appearance package. Included are things like:

  • HPD 18-inch bronze alloy wheels
  • Fender flares
  • HPD front grille
  • HPD emblems and graphics

The package is meant to make this pickup truck more aggressive. And that is something that some buyers are likely to appreciate. Undoubtedly, it would be nice if this option made some mechanical changes to the Ridgeline. Especially if those changes included making this mid-size truck more capable. But, that is just not the case, at least for now. 

Should you buy a 2022 Honda Ridgeline?

If you are interested in a mid-size truck, the Ridgeline features things like a V6 engine and all-wheel drive. Although it is more expensive than some of the other pickup trucks available, it does have plenty of redeeming qualities. 

A dog in the bed of a compact pickup truck, parked with mountains in the background.
Dog in a compact pickup truck | Guilherme Stecanella via Unsplash

Because the Ridgeline shares its platform with the Honda Pilot, the ride is fairly comfortable. It drives more like a car than a truck. And to some, that might be a plus. Honda’s pickup can also come well-equipped with things like safety features and leather-trimmed interior, which adds to its premium feel. 

Why doesn’t the Ridgeline sell well?

Despite its standard AWD and V6 engine, the 2022 Ridgeline has struggled in terms of sales. That is nothing new for this vehicle though, Honda’s truck has never been a top seller. That said, the 2022 Ridgeline does not come up short in terms of praise. 

Pickup trucks with the worst resale value like this Honda Ridgeline
The Honda Ridgeline pickup truck in the woods | Honda

Publications like Consumer Reports have consistently praised this mid-size truck. But, that praise has not translated into successful sales numbers. Perhaps, one of the perks of the Ridgeline is what’s holding it back. Although shoppers of sedans or even crossovers place a high value on comfort, truck buyers don’t mind some of the roughness that comes from this body style. And that is something that the 2022 Honda RIdgeline is lacking.


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