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Bullitt is among the most famous movie titles in a car enthusiast’s film library, especially for Ford Mustang fans. The incomparable Steve McQueen changed automotive movie history by sliding a 1968 Ford Mustang GT390 around the streets of San Francisco in a scoreless car chase with a Dodge Charger. Well, the movie is coming back, and Bradley Cooper looks like the new Mustang man in the incipient Bullitt remake. The film is something to get excited about, but we want to see Cooper drift a Dark Highland Green Ford Mustang with little regard for tires, like an S650 Bullitt. 

Is there a remake of Bullitt?

The iconic 1968 film Bullitt is a classic, complete with crime, drama, and one of cinema’s most incredible car chases. However, while Ford has released three different generations of Bullitt homage Ford Mustangs, Hollywood allowed Bullitt to stay in the history books. That is, until now; the historic movie is making a comeback. 

Steve McQueen hangs out with a Ford Mustang Bullitt GT390, which Bradley Cooper will have to top in the Bullitt remake.
Steve McQueen on the set of the 1968 film, Bullitt | Silver Screen Collection, Getty Images

Award-winning filmmaker Steven Spielberg is bringing the story of San Francisco police officer Lieutenant Frank Bullitt back from the sixties to today. According to Car and Driver, Academy Award-winning actor Bradley Cooper will fill the role of Frank Bullitt. It’s a tall order for the multi-faceted thespian, considering he’s going to be following the original king of cinema cool, Steve McQueen. 

Who else is in the Bullitt remake other than Bradley Cooper?

Bradley Cooper will star in the upcoming remake of Bullitt, hopefully in the turtleneck and shoulder holster befitting a gritty San Francisco detective. Beyond Steve McQueen’s iconic Frank Bullitt, it’s unclear who else will make an appearance in the new film. Of course, we’re excited for another kind of star, a Ford Mustang Bullitt. 

Ford recently discontinued an S550-generation Bullitt after the 2020 model year, and that car would be a great co-star for Cooper. That car packs a 480-horsepower 5.0L Coyote V8 married to a Getrag-sourced MT82 six-speed manual transmission. As long as that transmission doesn’t let the good detective down, it would be great to see Cooper shroud San Francisco in tire smoke accompanied by tail-happy slides. Still, the upcoming S650-generation car has just one special edition offering, although it might be serendipitous timing for an S650 Bullitt and a movie remake. 

Will the remake include a new Mustang?

A remake would likely include a new Mustang of some kind, given the upcoming 2024 S650 redesign. However, it’s unclear whether Bradley Cooper’s Frank Bullitt will drive a new Ford Mustang Dark Horse or an even newer interpretation of the classic Dark Highland Green coupe, like an S650 Bullitt. 

Was the Bullitt Mustang a Shelby?

While the Shelby GT350 and GT500 are brilliant, the Bullitt Mustang isn’t a Shelby. Instead, the original vehicle was a 1968 Ford Mustang GT390. Furthermore, the first homage car was a special edition SN-95 coupe with characteristic paint and movie-inspired wheels on the New Edge body. After the SN-95 model, the S197 and S550 models increased the horsepower but kept the manual transmission and iconic Dark Highland Green option. 

The Ford Mustang Bullitt is an Mustang institution across time, like the movie homage and new Ford Mustang Bullitt.
An S197 2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt | Erik Sherman, MotorBiscuit

Will Bradley Cooper drive a Mustang?

Bradley Cooper’s mount of choice will likely be a special edition Mustang without a Shelby badge, hopefully like an S650 Bullitt. At the very least, we hope the iconic paintwork and subtle styling will make an appearance. Keep up with MotorBiscuit for the latest automotive news and content!


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