Bollinger Electric Truck and SUV Pricing Revealed

Bollinger Motors sometimes gets lost in the EV truck shuffle. The Michigan-based manufacturer recently took the wraps off its B1 electric SUV and B2 electric truck. With an approach and styling distinct from Rivian, Tesla, or Ford, it was difficult to gauge how Bollinger compared to the rest. Today, however, Bollinger revealed their electric truck’s and SUV’s pricing.

Bollinger Electric Truck and SUV Pricing Comparison

Bollinger B1
Bollinger B1 | Bollinger

The information comes courtesy of Inside EVs, later confirmed by Motor Trend and Car and Driver.

Bollinger states that both the B1 and B2 will have the same starting price: $125,000. That number is significantly higher than its competition. Rivian has stated the R1T will start at $69,000 before EV tax credit, and Tesla is predicting a starting price around $50,000 for its upcoming pickup. Rivian has not revealed the R1S SUV’s price, but the Tesla Model X starts at just under $85,000.

Rivian R1S
Rivian R1S | Rivian

Production of the B1 and B2 is set to start in 2020, with delivery the following year. Rivian’s R1T is planned to release next year, but the R1S won’t be available until 2021 at the earliest. Tesla also has no plans to refresh the Model X, meaning the SUV may not be around for much longer. And no new information has come out on Ford’s electric F-150. Bollinger also claims its vehicles will be largely hand-built out of US-made materials, adding to both price and cachet.

What Do the B1 and B2 Offer for the Price?

Bollinger is clearly marketing both the B1 and B2 as off-roaders. Rivian is doing much the same for its R1T and R1S, and presumably also for its planned rally EV. Ford and Tesla, however, are not. What’s more, is that Bollinger can arguably back up their buzz.

Both the SUV and pickup will have dual electric motors, good for 614 hp and 668 lb-ft. While Rivian’s R1T has a claimed 754 hp and 820 lb-ft, it also has twice the motors. The R1T also offers a longer range and higher top speed: 400 miles and 125 mph vs 200 miles and 100 mph for the B1 and B2.

2020 Rivian R1T-Rivian
2020 Rivian R1T | Rivian

However, the R1T can only achieve those numbers with the 180-kWh battery pack. While the R1T may launch with that pack, it won’t be cheap. The quoted $69,000 starting price is for the 105-kWh version, which won’t be available until late 2021. In contrast, Bollinger will only offer one battery option, a 120-kWh pack. So, don’t count Bollinger out when it comes to raw speed.

The B1 and B2 will also offer more ground clearance than the Rivian models. Both manufacturers’ vehicles can rise or drop, but Bollinger offers a greater range. The R1T’s ground clearance ranges from 8” to 14”, whereas both the B1’s and B2’s are 10” to 20”. Rivian claims a fording depth of over 3 feet for the R1T; Bollinger has not provided this information.

Rivian does beat out Bollinger when it comes to towing capacity, however. The R1T can tow up to 11,000 lbs, whereas the more off-road-focused B1 and B2 can only tow up to 7,500. Rivian does not specify a payload capacity for the R1T, though. The B1’s and B2’s payload capacity is 5000 lbs.

B1 and B2 Additional Features

Bollinger Interior
Bollinger Interior | Bollinger

Motor Trend had a few additional details about the B1 and B2.

When plugged into a fast charger, the batteries can be filled in 75 minutes. The interiors will be literally house-out, as well as sealed in case owners have to ford a river. Owners will also be able to specify vegan leather for their interior, and even wooden floors and walls. The side windows, glass and all, will be removable, as well as the roof panels, windshield and rear lift-glass. This might arguably make the B2 an electric alternative to the Jeep Gladiator. Finally, both vehicles will offer a true neutral, meaning, unlike many other EVs, they can be flat-towed with no issue.

At the moment, Bollinger is taking $1000 deposits on both its electric SUV and truck. It’s difficult to say how the B1 and B2 will fare on the market. But mark us down as eager to find out.